What type of essay suits your character best?

Soon we are likely to witness a great change in the academic calendar. National Essay Day was celebrated on February, 28. On this day, students are encouraged to write essays on the topics that really matter to them. Thus, we decided to find out which essay type suits your character best. So that you could fully enjoy essay writing. Let’s start!

  1. Where can pals find you on the campus?
    1. Find me at the library. There is too little time and so much to learn.
    2. Taking photos. I have to stay in contact with my Insta-followers 24/7.
    3. They do NOT have to look for me, I’m here with them!
    4. It’s so interesting to dispute with our profs.
  2. What describes your character the best?
    1. I’m sanguine. If you sit on my hat, it will be the seed of our friendship.
    2. I’m choleric. Don’t tell me what to do, and I won’t tell you where to go.
    3. I’m phlegmatic. Nothing can cross my thoughts up.
    4. I’m melancholic. Why don’t you like my story? What if I change this…or this…and what about this?  
  3. What is your strength area?
    1. Studying
    2. Communication
    3. Convincing people
    4. Art
  4. What are your jokes about?
    1. Well, it is not my strong suit. No one laughs when I joke; looks that I sound too serious.
    2. Tricky anecdotes are my passion. Love these moments when people are staring for some time, and only then understand the point.
    3. Ugh… Don’t understand why people laugh over silly situations. And what is more, I can’t really understand how characters from anecdotes get into these absurd situations.
    4. My motto is “better show than tell”. Friends rarely hear jokes from me, but I always share funny videos with them! When you look at the situation, it is even funnier.
  5. Do you prefer reading?
    1. Fiction
    2. Short stories
    3. Scientific literature
    4. Analytical articles
  6. If your loved one does not support your point of view, you will…
    1. …provide as much evidence as needed to win over with facts.
    2. …move to plan ‘B’ and compose a list of pros and cons together.
    3. …describe the drawbacks you are going to face if they are NOT on your side.
    4. … express your point of view to make sure your honey understands it to the fullest.
    1. Mostly “narrative” answers: A narrative essay is your way to express thoughts. You are a perfect storyteller and you know how to make your presentation short, laconic, and informative. Remember to write your narrative essay on February, 28 and support the creation of National Essay Day on Change.org.
    2. Mostly “expository” answers: An expository essay is just your type of writing. You know a lot and need to share this knowledge with others. Remember to write your expository essay on February, 28 and support the creation of National Essay Day on Change.org.
    3. Mostly “descriptive” answers: A descriptive essay is what you are perfect at. Your imagination can imbue even the most boring stories with bright colors. You are a very creative person, why not get benefits from this skill on February 28 and write your amazing and full of adjectives descriptive essay? Also, remember to support the creation of National Essay Day on Change.org.
    4. Mostly “persuasive” answers: A persuasive essay is what you are good at. You can’t imagine your life without disputes. You are always ready to defend your point. And, your analytical thinking is your best weapon! So, remember to write your narrative essay on February, 28 and support the creation of National Essay Day on Change.org.

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