UC Berkeley student rescues hiker trapped by fallen branches

Flickr/Creative Commons

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A pair of hikers, including campus sophomore Luke Seybold, rescued an unconscious hiker at Dr. Aurelia Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park on Sunday morning.

Seybold said he noticed a small dog “frantically” running around and decided to look for its owner. After following the dog, he encountered another hiker who had come across a woman trapped under fallen branches and suffering from a head wound.

“I was running in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland and this little dog ran up to me,” Seybold said. “At first, I was just petting it, but it kept running off frantically and looking back, and it seemed like it wanted me to follow it.”

The two hikers pulled the unconscious woman out from underneath the branches and administered first aid, according to Seybold. Seybold contacted the authorities, and park operational staff, the East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department and an ambulance arrived at the scene.

Wind gusts reached 24 mph in the area at the time of the incident, according to the National Weather Service website. Seybold said while he was running, small branches were being blown about and he was worried larger branches might fall and hit him.

Members of the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department responded to 18 different calls involving falling trees and branches in the past week, according to Capt. Alan Love, who oversees the support services division. Love added that the local police and fire departments increased staffing to manage the impacts of the extreme weather conditions.

According to Love, officers responded to two incidents of injuries caused by fallen trees over the past few days, including the incident involving Seybold. 

“We respond in cooperation with the park rangers and we are continually assessing the safety of parks and weather conditions,” Love said. “When we see conditions like this, we’re always on high alert and making sure that we can respond to emergencies quickly.”

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