Care Bears: How to easily make someone’s day better

Roya Chagnon/File

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Good vibes are a fickle thing. Sometimes, they can be impossible to find. No matter how many times you smile, laugh or feel good about yourself during the day, the good vibes seem to be just out of reach. 

Other times, it can be tough to not feel the good vibes. Being late to classes, missing lunch, missing the bus — nothing can bring you down.

In such a high-stress environment as college, we can’t get enough of these good vibes. They are always welcome, whether they arrive by pure chance or through the courtesy of others.

Chance is not something we at The Daily Californian control. However, we can control what we do and how we can use our words and actions to incur the best vibes for not just us but for everyone around us as well.

One of the most basic ways to create an atmosphere conducive to the growth and prosperity of good vibes is talking to people. Sometimes, we can get too caught up in our own world, thinking about personal problems and struggles with our AirPods in, shut off from everyone else around us. Opening up to people by simply saying, “Hello” and talking about how your day has been are very good ways to get out of that personal bubble and jump into the real world, friend by your side and all.

Sharing is another great way to not only bring out the good vibes but also dish them out if you feel like you’re experiencing them. One habit I’ve started to incorporate into my daily life is handing out gum to my peers at the beginning of every class, whether it’s a lecture, discussion or lab. I find doing so establishes a sense of friendliness and welcome, which can give way to talking more, realigning the vibes in the room.

One of the most subtle and unintentional ways that I’ve realized makes good vibes propagate is walking to places with friends. Walking to class can be fun, but it also has the whole, “Aw shoot, I gotta walk up this hill and arrive to class all sweaty” complication. It’s the walks after a class has ended — maybe to pick up some food or groceries on the way home — that feel really nice with friends. Normally, these walks would be treated as just another task to be completed after the rigor of all your classes. But when done with other people, it can be relaxing, calming and full to the brim with the chillest vibes.

In conclusion, good vibes are not something that you can just wish on a star to experience. Sometimes, you have to take action to not only experience the good vibes yourself but help others feel them, too. Hopefully, now you have an idea, if you didn’t already, of how to get these intensely therapeutic vibes!

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