Horror films for the sad and single this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to snuggle up with your partner and watch a movie. There are plenty of romance and feel-good movies for you to watch that are relevant to the holiday. The only problem is that if you happen to be single, these kinds of movies might make you feel worse about being without a date on Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, though. The horror genre has your back. There are plenty of horror films that show that being in a relationship isn’t necessarily a good thing. Here are some of those horror films that might make you feel better about your single status.

“My Bloody Valentine” (1981)

Every holiday has its slasher movie, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. This movie is all about a killer who goes on a murderous rampage due to the town restarting a Valentine’s Day tradition. It might just make you feel a little better about Valentine’s Day traditions you can’t take part in. Either that, or you’ll sympathize with the killer’s hatred for the holiday and will secretly cheer him on during his rampage. Either way, it should be an appropriate movie to help you celebrate.

“Friday the 13th”

Slasher movies are known for often killing off a couple after they’ve had sex. “Friday the 13th” is no exception. This movie opens with a couple being murdered as they’re about to have sex. Couples aren’t the only people who die in this movie, however. It shows how being in a relationship is nothing special; you’ll get murdered either way.

“It Follows”

One way to feel better about being single is to see romantic relationships be disastrous. This horror movie has a sexually transmitted demon that leads to a few disastrous ends. It also shows that sometimes, there was no romance there to begin with and all the person wanted was to pass on a murderous demon so they didn’t have to deal with it anymore. So to summarize, it isn’t a romantic movie, and that might be just the thing you’d want on Valentine’s Day. 

“Ready or Not”

If you’re perfectly fine with being single, but dislike Valentine’s Day because people are constantly pushing you to get married, then this film should be affirming. It has the main character marrying someone nice with a rich family and twists it into a horror film. It’s an example of how getting married to someone doesn’t necessarily solve your problems. Instead of true love saving the main character, it’s her own willpower, which should help you feel good about your single life.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day to all you single people. Hopefully, one of the films on this list will make Valentine’s Day less about feeling bad that you don’t have a date, and more about being grateful that you’re still single.

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