UC Berkeley hot takes: The Clog tells it like it is

Brianna Luna/Staff

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Disclaimer: These are hot takes, so it makes sense if you don’t agree with them.

One of the interesting things about being a UC Berkeley Bear is that you see a lot of things and hear a lot of opinions that other students may share, and so you think to yourself, is this the norm? Well, we at The Daily Clog are at your service to help you judge that for yourself. Here are a bunch of hot takes ranging from mild to spicy. Bone apple teeth.

Evans Hall is the greatest building on campus

Evans is so great, y’all. This building houses not just the math department, but also the statistics and economics departments. Each floor has a theme, which is also nice. The ground floor is sweaty classrooms, the third floor is statistics, the fourth floor is GSI office hours and the ninth floor contains a pretty outdoor area. The exterior may not be stunning, but without Evans Hall, campus would simply not feel the same. The main argument against Evans is that it blocks the view of the bay, but you can literally see it from any other building with a higher elevation than Evans, like Foothill. Also, Evans is the only building that contains vending machines on that side of campus, so are you sure you don’t secretly love it?

Getting flyered feels good

We don’t know about you, but any attention is still attention. Just imagine: Someone on the side of Sproul Plaza gives you a flyer. You were selected, not that guy with the skateboard or that girl walking in front of you with a Hydro Flask. Why must we dodge the opportunity to have a conversation or potentially learn about an opportunity? Getting flyered should make you feel seen instead of bothered, and perhaps we ought to feel a little empathy for the people expressing their enthusiasm for organizations they’re stoked to be a part of. Some of the most interesting interactions students have are related to flyering or getting flyered, so embrace the awkward and take that flyer!

The sunrises are prettier than the sunsets

Can we all first acknowledge that being able to see a sunrise is already an achievement to marvel at? Now combine that high with the slow glow of the sun peeking from behind the sturdy hills in the foreground as you sit on the Big C. We can’t think of anything more beautiful. Sunsets are pretty, with their bright streaks of pink, red and orange, but after a while, the photos all start to look the same. Also, how much more dramatic does saying you worked on that computer science project until sunrise sound, compared to saying you stayed up until sunset?  On top of that, a sunrise can represent a new beginning, while sunsets remind you of the end of a journey.

Boba is not that great

Now, hear us out. First of all, you probably have a friend who thinks the exact same way, so think of us as said friend. Boba as a concept is fine. When it becomes a daily ritual, it is a concern. Boba is not meant to be consumed like coffee or water. It is an indulgence, a treat, especially if you get the boba as a topping. (PSA: If you’re getting “boba” without boba pearls, you are getting tea, not boba.) The drink is great for temporarily making you forget about a bad experience, but it cannot cure the aching feeling you have in your stomach when that is all you have consumed in the entire day. Plus, why do we need hundreds of boba places within a one-mile radius of campus? Hello?

Not getting enough sleep is not a flex

Having eye bags that are more expensive than Gucci ain’t it, either. The biggest flex in our opinion is getting eight hours of sleep, along with having a poppin’ social life and stellar grades. If you are only getting three hours of sleep a night, that is a cause for concern, and you ought to do something about it rather than seek validation for it. Your friends probably think the same way when you tell them about your all-nighters. A flex, in our opinion, is when you can maintain a healthy lifestyle that places equal value on studies and physical and mental well-being. Small adjustments go a long way, friends.

The 51B isn’t late (you are just early)

Public transit is a large part of UC Berkeley culture, as a huge chunk of us rely on it on a daily basis. Feelings of frustration may bubble up to the surface as a result of inconsistency between our device’s projected time of arrival and reality. However, we think this is more of an issue with how we, for the sake of convenience, will tend to take something like an estimation to be hard truth and still be disappointed. If we are aware that “6 minutes until arrival” comes with hefty error bars, then the 51B can never be late. It just arrives within an expected range from never to within the next five years.

There are always more hot takes to uncover about UC Berkeley if you look hard enough. These were just a few we had to get off our chests.

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