Valentine’s Day bringing you down? 5 reasons why single life is a great life

Sharon Pan/File

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Is Valentine’s Day making you feel lonely from all of the love in the air? It can be like a bad odor that just won’t go away. But let’s be honest here, being single is not the worst thing in the world. Here are just a few positives of the single life that will surely dig you out of the spiraling feeling of hatred you have toward it.

BOGO boba  

BOGOs always call for a great time. But it’s even greater when you get to keep both of the items for yourself! It sucks when boba shops have a buy one get one free deal, and you end up having to give one to your partner. Being single means you get to indulge in more boba, and who doesn’t want that?  

Spending more time with friends 

When my friends get into relationships, it’s like they’ve fallen off of planet earth. Being single gives you more time to spend and form stronger bonds with your friends. These are the people you’ll have in your life in the long run, so make the most of it!   

Say goodbye to saving seats in lecture 

Have you ever walked into a lecture hall, and almost ALL the seats were filled? The seats available are scattered throughout the room and they’re usually not next to each other. This makes finding a seat for you and your partner a mission. And when you do find two available seats next to each other, they’re usually smacked right in the middle of the row. So you and your partner have to shimmy your way across as you get glaring stares from all the students you’ve accidentally bumped your butts into. Well, when you’re single, you don’t have this problem! One seat is all you need, and that’s absolutely easier to find than two! 

Saving money 

Let’s be honest, dating is an expensive activity. From constantly spending money on dates to celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, it will definitely leave your wallet crying for mercy. Look at it this way, being single is a fantastic financial investment in yourself!   

The bed all for yourself 

Don’t you enjoy spreading your entire body on your bed and not worrying about making room for another person? Or being self-conscious about kicking them in your sleep? Well, the single life allows you to do just that! It’s great not to be suffocated in your own bed.  

See, the single life isn’t all too bad! Enjoy all the positives of it before they’re robbed from you once you’re cuffed!

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