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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

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Publishing on Valentine’s Day, we at the Weekender found it appropriate to explore and celebrate this universally shared emotion of love. Although we are often inundated with images of romantic cinematic perfection and floored with social pressure to find contentment in a significant other, there are so many more kinds of love out there. These loves are less often championed than romantic kisses in the rain, but they are arguably more reliable; they are ones that stay with us in the harshest of heartaches and loneliness. 

We’ve chosen this week’s issue to highlight the nonromantic loves of our lives. This one goes out especially to all the folks eating chocolate candy alone today. 

Staff writer Pamela Hasbun explored the concept of self-love by documenting her journey to accept her curly hair in a personal essay. Layla Chamberlin detailed the unexpected and subtle sources of love and the intimacy drawn from small moments in a poetic reflection.

Looking critically at media, staff writer Paige Prudhon provided a survey of the beloved bromance trope in comedy film and the taboos associated with platonic male affection. Sean Tseng wrote a short fiction showing that a heartbreak over lost friendship can be just as gut-wrenching as, perhaps more so than a breakup in a romantic relationship.

Some writers chose to celebrate the strong bonds within family. Edrick Sabalburo wrote a touching tribute to his younger brother. Kathryn Kemp contributed a poem about the bond between sisters and how this relationship grows. In a personal essay, Ashley Soliman honored the women of her family and showed gratitude for the constant communication they share with each other. 

From the wide range of pieces and topics we offer you this week, it is clear to see that there is plenty of love to be found within ourselves. We often need only to look for it in the nooks and often overlooked crannies of life. We encourage you to find and share this love of your own!

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