Milk is dairy depressing, so live lactose free!

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Whether you want a simple scoop of ice cream or a rich and luxurious mug of hot chocolate, lactose intolerance can impede our enjoyment of foods that we would otherwise happily enjoy. Thankfully, more and more lactose-free alternatives are cropping up to amend this depressing dessert-less situation. From easily finding lactose alternatives at Trader Joe’s and Safeway to making your own nutritious dishes, here are some of my go-to nondairy options.

Lactose-free milk

Most nondairy milk options can have a pretty strong taste, which can kind of ruin the flavors in the drink. If you want a comforting and warm but lactose-free drink, I recommend oat milk, cashew milk, coconut milk and lactose-free milk. For strongly flavored drinks like a vanilla latte or hot chocolate, any of these will do. However, for more mellow and basic beverages like masala chai or plain old coffee with a splash of milk, lactose-free milk is the best alternative.

Vegan foods

Unsurprisingly, the vegan lifestyle serves all of the requirements of a lactose-free diet by removing any trace of lactose, which comes from animals. In terms of comfort foods, I always go for a vegan mac and cheese or a vegan chocolate cake to eat my stress away.


Being comprised of just noodles and soup, ramen is typically dairy-free. For warmth on a cold spring day, I immediately head to J-Town Express on Telegraph Avenue to pick up a packet of ramen. Slurping up the soup and chewing at the noodles automatically increases my serotonin levels and immediately curbs my hunger, too!

Fruits and vegetables

While all of these options are super scrumptious, getting those vitamins and nutrients is also essential for the life of a college student. It’s time to eat some fruits and vegetables for “10+ health” in real life. Not only are fruits very versatile and easy to throw in your bag, but they can also be really delicious when they’re in season. For this February, hit up all the different kinds of citrus to get a little bit of variety and keep things fresh. Additionally, vegetables like squash and pumpkin also make for really good creamy sauces if you want to make some vegan food at home!

The typical American diet is very lactose-heavy, which is unfortunate for those of us who simply can’t bear it. We at the Clog hope that these dairy-free options open up your food horizons!

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