Hydrate or die-drate: What your water bottle says about you

Nishali Naik/Staff

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No matter what their major is, where they’re from or what student organizations they’re a part of, every student needs water with them at all times. Even within this commonality, however, UC Berkeley students manage to distinguish themselves by their choice of water bottle. We at the Clog have found that you can really determine a lot about a person by the type of water bottle they choose to carry. A few of these points are outlined below.

The single-use plastic water bottle

Starting with the most basic choice in water bottle, these students are all about convenience and ease. With a single-use plastic water bottle, there’s no need to worry about filling it up or ever washing it out. “Zero waste by 2020”? Never heard of it.  

The Hydro Flask

The fact that Hydro Flasks, or Hydros, are the most common water bottle around campus screams that most people who carry a Hydro are followers. They got sucked in by the “VSCO girl” image, the bright colors or the bottle’s uncanny ability to keep water cold for extended periods of time. Yet within this group, there are a few distinctions to be made. People with clean Hydro Flasks — meaning no stickers or dents — tend to be perfectionists. They were scared to put stickers on because they worried it would ruin the aesthetic, and they guard their water bottle with their life to make sure it doesn’t get dented. Pretty close to this group comes those with clearly planned sticker patterns on their water bottles. These people went through the effort to get a cohesive set of stickers and organize them all carefully. We have no choice but to admire their commitment. Lastly, the Hydro wielders with stickers peeling off and huge dents in their water bottles are the ones who set the trend. They’re just as attached to their water bottles as the others, but mostly because they’ve had it for so long.

The Nalgene

People who carry these large, colorful plastic bottles are truly outdoorsy. They can be found on hikes or shopping at REI on the weekend, so their choice of water bottle is whatever is cheapest and most practical for these adventures.

The Gatorade bottle

These green plastic bottles with orange tops can be spotted from a mile away. You’ll find them in the pockets of Under Armour backpacks with Cal logos on them — that’s right, these are the unmistakable mark of a student-athlete.

All other reusable water bottles

Whether it’s S’well, CamelBak, Contigo or some other brand, these miscellaneous water bottles were probably a gift from mom. Sure, these students care enough about the environment to not use a single-use plastic water bottle, but they mostly chose their water bottle out of convenience. 

The boba cup

The student who forgoes drinking water and runs solely on boba is a Golden Bear through and through. Though it may not have the same nutritional benefits, we have to commend their dedication to the cause.

While we wouldn’t recommend judging someone off their choice of water bottle, we do believe you can tell a lot about a person by the type they choose to bring to campus. Stay thirsty, my friend.

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