Quiz: Which final 3 ‘The Bachelor’ contestant are you?


This drama-filled season of “The Bachelor” has flown by! The show is now down to the final three women, and it feels like for the first time in a long time, we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen! The last three contestants are all very unique and have vastly different relationships with Peter. Take this quiz to find out which of the final three contestants you are.

  1.   Pick a sport  
    1.  Soccer 
    2.  Cheerleading
    3.  Basketball
    4.  Volleyball 
  2.  Pick a bachelor date 
    1. Private beach 
    2. Exploring the city 
    3. Boat ride 
    4. Bungee jumping  
  3.  Pick a color
    1. Pink 
    2. Blue 
    3. Red 
    4. Gold
  4. Pick a flower 
    1. Sunflower
    2. Tulip
    3. Daisy
    4. Rose 
  5. Pick a snack for watching “The Bachelor”
    1. Chocolate 
    2. Cheese and crackers 
    3. Popcorn 
    4. Fruit  
  6. Pick your favorite couple from “The Bachelor”
    1. Tanner and Jade  
    2. Catherine and Sean  
    3. Ashley and Jared  
    4. Jojo and Jordan
    1. Madison: You are sweet and unproblematic! You have strong values and aren’t afraid to show them. You like to take things slow and strongly value your family’s opinion. 
    2. Hannah Ann: You’re silly and outgoing! You love a good competition and want to explore everything life has to offer. You bring a youthful charm to any relationship and can be quite adventurous. 
    3. Victoria F.: You are a firecracker! You have very strong emotions and sometimes have a hard time expressing them. Communication may not be your strong suit, but a date with you is never boring. 
    4. Hannah B.: Even though she’s not a contestant for this season of the show, we think she will always be a contestant in Peter’s heart! You are a Hannah beast! Your unique charisma and fun sense of humor will leave you lingering in any ex’s mind.

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