5 clear and unbiased facts about National Essay Day

Academic calendar now has a new holiday – National Essay Day, which is celebrated on February, 28. What is this day all about? Here are the major facts about National Essay Day. 

Fact #1. Reasons behind creating a National Essay Day 

Firstly, National Essay Day was created to overcome the injustice. On average, first-year students deal with 92 pages of academic writing, and senior ones produce about 146 pages a year. That’s a lot of work. But is there a day that celebrates essay writing?

Now, thanks to the initiative of One Freelance Limited, we’ve got one.

Secondly, National Essay Day was created as an attempt to give essay writing the second chance. The thing is hardly any student really enjoys essay writing. Usually, it’s considered a difficult and hateful task because of its size and requirements. The organizers thought: “What if students try to write an essay without these obstacles? Wouldn’t it be a much more enjoyable process?”

National Essay Day seems to be the perfect timing to write an essay without many restrictions that kill creativity. 

Fact #2: February, 28 is the birthday of an ‘essay’ founder.

Why on the 28th of February? Why is this particular date so special? Well, the answer is not hard to plumb.

Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592), one of the most significant philosophers of the French Renaissance as well as the author of the first writings named “essay” which means “to try” or “to attempt”, was born on this day. He was the first man to popularize essays as a literary genre. His message was quite simple – students are free to express their thoughts and ideas no matter how unorthodox they sound.

Now, this date seems the perfect match for such a celebration.

Fact #3: More is less

After five experiments with the complexity of vocabulary or fonts, Daniel Oppenheimer at Princeton University came to the conclusion that the easy-to-read writing using a simple font is associated with a more intelligent author. He said: “Anything that makes a text hard to read and understand will lower readers’ evaluations.”

This study encourages students to write in a simple manner, as if they are speaking. No need to pretend a sophisticated philosopher in your essay. Be yourself.

Fact #4: School program is NOT enough

Why students who enter college are not ready to face academic writing assignments? This question was researched by George Washington University (2007). The report says that high-school writing tasks required young learners only to offer and support opinions. Students were rarely required to criticize an argument, define an issue, provide a solution, or revise the problem based on feedback.

Consider National Essay Day as your training session to develop your critical thinking skills.

Fact #5. You should write on what really matters

One of AdmitSee studies showed that favorite books or movies were more than twice as likely to turn into topics in female essays. Males, meanwhile, are more than twice as likely to give preference to athletic achievements in their essays. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should write on these topics. Another study by this company showed that students who take risks with the standard structure of college essays, tend to get more positive feedback from the board. 

So, on February, 28, go ahead and be yourself in your essay. National Essay Day was created to spark your creativity and liberate the amazing essay skills you have there. 

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