Stickers promoting nationalist group appear around UC Berkeley campus

Sunny Shen/Staff

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Stickers advertising the group Patriot Front were spotted around Memorial Glade and by Haas Pavilion, according to the Berkeley Collective Safety Twitter account.

Patriot Front advocates for the “revival of the American revolutionary spirit” through the “enduring passion of the national collective,” according to the Patriot Front website. The stickers include phrases such as “Reclaim America” and “One Nation Against Invasion” along with the group’s logo, web address and a QR code that links to its home page.

The organization has posted stickers, banners and flyers across the country, according to the Anti-Defamation League website.

Though the stickers themselves do not cause harm, according to campus sophomore Emily Hernandez, the message behind them is what troubles students.

“Personally, as a (student of color) on campus already it is very often that I feel out of place on campus,” Hernandez said. “When groups … put these stickers up it exemplifies the feeling of insecurity that a lot of (students of color) already experience.”

Hernandez said the stickers should be taken down because of the impact they could have on students. According to the UC Policy on Speech and Advocacy, students are guaranteed the right to free speech and expression with a few exceptions, which include threats of violence, inciting lawless action and severe harassment.

Flyers, stickers and similar items that do not comply with campus regulations are removed as a part of standard practice, according to campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof. Mogulof said in an email that campus maintenance staff have not seen or heard of the stickers.

Patriot Front did not respond to a request for comment as of press time.

“At the end of the day Berkeley is known for being a school that encourages free speech and if they want to use that freedom to put up stickers then it’s their right,” said campus freshman Andrea Castresana. “But I think the university should be monitoring the stickers to prevent them from reaching a point of being considered hate speech or even insinuating violence.”

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