I choose you! Matching Pokémon starters to college majors

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Today is National Pokémon Day, which means it’s the perfect time to reminisce about the elementary school days when Pokémon was one of the most popular things since the sandbox. Chances are, the starter you brought on that first adventure is your favorite. Sentimental value aside, your childhood starter doesn’t mean that it was the best starter for you. The best starter is one that compliments your interests and pursuits, also known as your declared major. Here’s a list of the best Pokémon starters for different college majors.

Turtwig: Geology

Out of all the Pokémon starters, there is only one that evolves into a miniature landscape. That is, of course, Turtwig, with its final evolution of Torterra. You can have a landscape walk with you wherever you go. It’ll be a physical example you can study and use to show other people how grass and rock affect each other. For a geology major, this should be the perfect match.

Grookey: Music

Grookey is probably one of the best starter Pokémon to play music with. This is a Pokémon that even in its earliest evolution can probably play a beat for you. Imagine having a Pokémon that could keep whatever tempo you wanted. You’ll never need a metronome again.

Pikachu: Undeclared

At a school with a very self-assured student body, it can be uncommon to find an undeclared college student. The same goes for Pikachu. It’s probably the most iconic Pokémon, and most people don’t remember that it was a starter (only in Pokémon Yellow, though). Being undeclared can be confusing, but it also means you have a ton of interests and talents, so why not live your iconic college experience like this iconic and powerful Pokémon! As a bonus, Pikachu is a cute and high-energy companion, which is the energy you need for those stressful days when you need to figure out what you’re doing the following semester.

Charmander: Geography

As a geography major, there’s a good chance you have to deal with people who think they know what your major is but actually have no idea. Charmander would make an excellent companion, then, because it too has to deal with people’s wrong assumptions. At first glance, Charmander’s final evolution, Charizard, looks like a dragon, so it must be a dragon type. In reality, Charizard is a fire and flying type. So your companionship can grow from people’s misconceptions. Charmander’s evolving form is also similar to the evolving and changing earth that you study! You can also survey areas on the back of Charizard, which is another plus.

Sobble: Business

As much as Snivy would be a good pick, Sobble and its evolutions are a better fit. At first, Sobble will be good practice for the worst of clients as it bursts into tears at the slightest provocation. By the time it reaches its final evolution, it can be your ally in business. Inteleon, Sobble’s final evolution, is coolheaded and looks like it’s wearing a suit. That means it’s a Pokémon companion that won’t embarrass you in the professional world.

Bulbasaur: Integrative Biology

Bulbasaur embodies the idea of integrative biology. The Pokémon is both an animal and a plant in coexistence. To understand it, you’ll need to understand not just both parts, but how they interact together. That makes Bulbasaur a way to apply your knowledge, while at the same time being a cute buddy.

There are so many starter Pokémon these days that there’s probably at least one that’s perfect for you! With any luck, this list has helped you find the perfect companion. If not, then why not go on a nostalgic trip back through the Pokémon universe and try to find the one that’s right for you?

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