The Clog’s guide to decorating your laptop with stickers

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Whether it’s during a study session in Moffitt Library or a club meeting, your laptop is always out on display and can honestly say a lot about you. From the color of the case you choose to the stickers you stick on, your laptop can be a conversation starter and a way for friends and classmates to learn more about you. With this in mind, we at the Clog are here to help you figure out exactly how to embellish your device by considering three quick things.

Why do you want to decorate your laptop?

Your reasons for adorning your laptop with stickers can help you decide exactly what you want sticking around with you for months to come. If you’re decorating the laptop for yourself, putting things that remind you of your friends or little inside jokes can be the perfect personal touch. If you want to really put yourself out there and make an impression, stickers that depict the club you’re in or where you’re from would do just the trick.

What’s important to you?

With a plethora of stickers out there, figuring out what’s truly important to you will help you cut down from the entire collection on Redbubble to get the right mix of stickers. After all, buying a pack of 100 stickers just because you like two in the entire set can be wasteful. Think about the things you love and how you spend your day. Personally, I like searching for simple things, such as my hobbies and movements I care about.

What’s your aesthetic?

While choosing stickers can be easy, it’s harder to pick ones that will work together without making your laptop seem like a chaotic mess. Pick stickers with colors, shapes and sizes that you think work well together to make a collage that seems natural. Try not to have similar graphics close together. For example, having an entire board of slogans and catchphrases can be overwhelmingly wordy, and filling the back of your screen with kawaii, or cute, animals can be a bit too kawaii.

Keeping these things in mind while looking into the realm of stickers will ensure a laptop you’ll be happy with. When in doubt, buy more than you think you’ll need. After all, the extras can just go on your water bottle!

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