Catch some zzz’s: The Clog’s tips for National Public Sleeping Day

Jeong Yun Choi/Staff

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It’s no secret that sleep is every college student’s best friend. When cramming for an exam or getting an assignment in on time keeps us up all night, the only option left is to sleep in the middle of the day in public. That being said, every day is a good day for a nap, but because today is National Public Sleeping Day, we at the Clog compiled some of our favorite nap locations and tips.

Before you can have a good nap, you need to have a good location. Of course a bed would be preferable, but when you don’t have time or are too close to falling asleep to make it all the way home, spots on campus will have to do. Napping in a lecture hall is an inevitable reality for many students. Some of our favorites include Hearst Field Annex, Dwinelle 155 and Wheeler Auditorium, due to their large sizes and cushioned seats.

This article would also be incomplete without mentioning the nap pods and designated rest zones conveniently located around campus on Moffitt’s fifth floor, in Wurster Library and in the Tang Center, to name a few. For a peaceful indoor nap location off the beaten track, try the Morrison Library located just to the right of the north entrance to Doe Library. This laptop-free reading room is centrally located and sports a wide variety of sofas and armchairs. If you’d prefer to doze in the sun, our campus has plenty of grassy hillsides perfectly suited to the occasion. You can try classic spots such as Memorial Glade, Faculty Glade or the grass around the Valley Life Sciences Building to start. If you prefer a quieter location, we’ll point you in the direction of east campus, but you’ll have to find the spots yourself so that we can ensure they remain quiet. 

Once you have your public sleeping location secured, there are several more things you can do to ensure a quality nap. The first of these is to secure your belongings. The worst way to wake up is to find that all your stuff has been stolen. Either have a friend watch it or sleep on your backpack — this way, you get a pillow and some peace of mind at the same time. Our second tip is to set a timer or alarm. As you become more well-versed in napping, you’ll figure out your ideal nap length (the amount of time you need to sleep to wake up perfectly rejuvenated). No matter how tired you are, it is of the utmost importance that you wake up with plenty of time to make it to your next commitment. To maximize your designated “nap time,” wait until your eyes cannot possibly stay open a second longer before beginning your nap. This will ensure that you fall into a deep sleep, the ultimate way to nap. 

The perfect nap is nearly an art form in the sense that it takes a lot of practice to achieve. Hopefully with these tips, you’ll get closer to perfecting your nap skills this National Public Sleeping Day. Happy sleeping!

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