Say what? Things you’ve forgotten about UC Berkeley since your campus tour

Isabella Ko/Staff

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It’s hard to walk around campus right now without running into a campus tour group. As we near college decision season, we’re bound to get flashbacks of our high school days and the campus tours we all took during that time. Every UC Berkeley student must have found this school appealing for one reason or another, and whether you took a tour or not, there are probably some things that drew you here that you’ve long since forgotten about or never actually do.

You’ll go to San Francisco every weekend

Regardless of whether or not your orientation group took a field trip to San Francisco, we’re all aware of how easy it is to get to the city. Campus tour guides often inform visitors of the career and exploration opportunities this city offers students, and I know that I pictured myself jaunting into SF nearly every weekend. When it comes down to it, a trip to San Francisco is a full day activity and it’s often difficult to find time for this more than a couple times a semester.

UC Berkeley discovered 16 elements on the periodic table

The College of Chemistry is one of the smallest undergraduate colleges, which is why it’s easy for students in other colleges to forget about the legacy of this school. Many of us learned on our tour and promptly forgot that 16 elements on the periodic table were discovered on UC Berkeley’s campus — 16 more than have been discovered on Stanford’s campus! If that’s not something to be proud of, I don’t know what is.

You’ll hang out with your friends on the Glade all the time

Sure, we all spend the occasional afternoon on the many glades around campus, but not nearly as much as we expected to when we first glimpsed the numerous grassy hillsides. In reality, it’s often too cold, and when it’s finally warm, you need to be inside studying for that test that’s coming up.

UC Berkeley has won a cumulative number of 207 Olympic medals

Sure, we all go to home football games and maybe a few basketball games. But it’s easy to forget about sports such as swimming in which UC Berkeley students have won many Olympic medals — accumulating 207 for the school as a whole!

There are nearly 13 million volumes housed in 24 libraries on campus

Apart from the occasional research paper that forces you to dive into the depths of Main Stacks, it’s easy to ignore the fact that we have an extremely large library system on campus! We all end up getting stuck in our study habits, but with 24 libraries, there’s no reason to keep studying in Doe or Moffitt every single day.

You’ll explore every restaurant in the area

It’s hard to ignore all the restaurant options that surround our campus on nearly every side. To visitors, it seems inevitable that students will try nearly every one by the time they graduate. In reality, eating out that often is tough on a college student’s budget and when we eat out, we tend to go to the same five or so places that we determined we liked in our first semester.

It’s easy to get stuck in your routine and the everyday struggles of being a student, but seeing tour groups around campus is a good reminder of everything we learned on our own campus tour that we have since forgotten. At the end of the day, UC Berkeley is a pretty cool place to be!

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