Cry me a Strawberry Creek: A list of criers you’ll encounter at UC Berkeley

Vanessa Lim/Staff

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Crying is a natural part of life — we all do it (unless you don’t, which would be kind of odd and definitely questionable). Because crying is a thing that most people do, that means UC Berkeley students are not excluded from this phenomenon. I am sure many of us students have had our fair share of tears during our time here. I, for one, have been the crier. I have also witnessed the crier. 

With that said, we at the Clog have compiled a list of the criers you may encounter during your time at UC Berkeley. Perhaps you will even find a bit of yourself in the outlined types of criers below. 

The pre and/or post-exam crier

It isn’t the be-all and end-all, but sometimes, students feel immense pressure when it comes to taking a quiz, midterm or final. So what do they do about it? They cry! The post-exam crier is much more common than the pre-exam crier. They are pretty confident that they just took an L on a test that they spent the past week studying for. Instead of immediately shaking it off and continuing on, they let out a big cry first. You know it’s really bad when you spot the “classmate homie” sniffling toward the end of the test. As for those pre-exam criers, they know their fate before even taking the test. They may have studied for a day, which is just not enough time. They may be seen giving out a quick whimper before the test, but unlike the post-exam crier, the pre-crier is often chillin’ post-test.

But, you know, regardless of whether you’re a pre-exam or post-exam crier (or both), most of us have had our GPAs take a hit once or twice — R.I.P. to that 4.0.  

The quiet sniffler 

These types can usually be found in a crowded place — think Free Speech Movement Cafe or Caffe Strada. Most of the time, they go unnoticed. They do not make a scene and usually keep to themselves. They are only seen if others are keenly observant. It’s hard to determine the reason for their tears, as it could really be anything. They shed a few tears and make a few sniffles. Seems like they could really use a hug and a cup of tea. 

The blatant crier

There are multiple cases of the blatant crier. They can be seen on the Glade ranting to friends after a rough day, heard in the bathroom after a heartbreak or spotted on Sather Lane in an argument with someone. This type can quintessentially be found on a Friday or Saturday night after a couple of hours out. They may be scream-crying while walking wobbly on the sidewalk. As an observer, you may be fighting feelings of pity as you look onto a messy scene. Or, you may think it’s pretty comical, remembering a time or two when that was you. This type feels no shame at the moment. They are releasing whatever needs to be released. Good for them.

The deflated weeper

It’s a stressful point in the semester, perhaps finals week, and everything, both school and non-school related, has piled up. In moments like this, the deflated weepers arise. The deflated weeper is d-o-n-e. Done. They can’t do it anymore. They don’t understand why it has to be so difficult. They may wish they were elsewhere with less responsibility, or simply wish they were more responsible in general. Deflated weeping is breaking down. This type may not be seen super often, but it is a type that many students openly talk about. Perhaps there is high student-to-student relatability when it comes to deflated weeping. Sometimes you cannot do anything about your current situation until you let out a deflated weep. Although these weepers may feel done, they make it through!

The crier with tears of joy

This crier can be seen right after something great has transpired. Maybe they just got an internship, perhaps all their hard work in a class has paid off or maybe they came to a beautiful realization about themselves. They do not always have physical tears falling out of their ducts, but they might as well. They are so relieved, free and/or juiced. These criers are most apparent at graduation ceremonies, which is sensible, considering they are about to receive a well-earned degree from UC Berkeley. You see, not every crier has to come from a place of being down. Sometimes Berkeley Bears have good reasons to shed a few tears.

While this list does not categorize every type of crier on this campus, we at the Clog believe that it hits a couple of the main types. Do you have to agree? Of course not, but now you have a guide to identifying some of the most relatable criers on campus.

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