Mercury retrograde: Another explanation for college life chaos

wikimedia/Creative Commons

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I’m not one to turn to astrology for reasoning in different situations, but there has been a lot of talk about this phenomenon called Mercury retrograde. It’s just as it sounds: Mercury is in retrograde, meaning that it’s going backward. Mercury is said to be the planet of communication, so when the planet’s in retrograde, it presents issues of communication and thinking. If you are trying to make plans, deal with decisions, attend to all of your engagements or communicate with people in your life, it may be more difficult than usual during this time.

While there is very little scientific backing to support the legitimacy of Mercury retrograde, things have been suspiciously off lately. Perhaps this isn’t true for everyone on campus, but just by looking at what’s been going on around me, things seem to be a little haywire. Personally, I have forgotten several plans that I have made, including missing two advising appointments and blanking on multiple homework assignments. It’s rare for me to be forgetful in these ways. I have also had various conversations with others who have had similar hiccups, like getting into unwarranted arguments with friends. 

Again, this may not be the case for everyone, but if things have been feeling off for the past couple of weeks, it may be comforting to blame Mercury retrograde for the handful of mishaps during this time.

In addition, Mercury retrograde has been used several times in the past couple of weeks to justify certain behaviors. During this past week, it was gorgeous and sunny on Memorial Glade, which made it easy to be in a mix of social interactions. While I was admittedly eavesdropping, I overheard people say not once, not twice, but three times in one day, “Well, you know, Mercury’s in retrograde” as a response to someone who was complaining about things going amiss.

As students, our lives can be stressful enough as is, especially if you are someone who has a bunch of obligations outside of class. Our lives are packed with things to do, assignments to complete and plans to be made. We do not need this retrograde to drag us down and confuse us even more. You can definitely take all of this with a grain of salt or declare that it is malarkey. But if you want to turn to something to find an ounce of peace amid the disarray, point your finger at Mercury retrograde.

For your awareness, here are the dates of Mercury retrograde for 2020. We are currently in one, which began Feb. 17 and ends March 10. There is also one from June 18 to July 12, and the last one is from Oct. 14 to Nov. 3. If you feel discombobulated during those times, you’ll know why — or you can at least pretend to know why. Maybe things are just off because we live in a nonsensical world. Or, perhaps we need to be more accountable and we are causing our own hiccups. However, sometimes things are out of our control and happen to affect us in ways that just aren’t reflective of our usual behaviors. To cope with this, Bears, send your curses to the retrograde.

Fun fact: Mercury retrograde is known to be a good time for creativity and to reflect upon yourself and the people in your life. To end on a positive note, you can do that, too! Most importantly, be mindful and watch yourself in this astrologically unfriendly time.

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