UC Berkeley stickers explained: What each classic campus sticker says about you

Paolo Harris Paz/Staff

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We’ve all seen them: kids with decked out laptop cases covered in obscure stickers. Everywhere you go on campus, there’s always someone carrying a water bottle covered with a variety of stickers. Some of these stickers are very specific to UC Berkeley’s student life — we’re talking about the plethora of clubs, organizations and businesses that you’ll only be able to find here. So, we at the Clog are here to break down what each unique Berkeley sticker means and what they say about you.

Berkeley Student Food Collective

If you have a Berkeley Student Food Collective sticker, congratulations: You’re probably the epitome of a college student — broke, hungry and socially aware of the importance of sustainable and affordable food. Sure, you’re a little earthy, and you probably have too many succulents on your windowsill, but plants really brighten up a room. You’re probably vegan, or vegetarian at the very least, but your eating habits are saving the earth! Wear those Birkenstocks with your head held high!

Quokka Brew

Quokka Brew stickers say “I am business. I am everywhere. I am cute. A little annoying, but cute nonetheless.” You can’t go 20 feet on campus without walking past a Quokka Brew sticker. Despite resembling a clickbait ad in real life, the people of Berkeley don’t mind because who doesn’t want to see a cute little quokka? Besides, selling “jitter-less” coffee to college students is doing God’s work, so we respect the hustle. Sporting one of these stickers is a sign you’re probably in the Haas School of Business, but no one realizes it because you don’t build your entire identity around it. You’re also probably really cute because quokkas are pretty cute (don’t tell Oski we said that — he’s the jealous type).

Berkeley Summer Sessions

The orange Berkeley Summer Sessions sticker, which also features an orange, signifies the light-hearted, breezy and vibrant aura of a person. The majority of people with these stickers are a breath of fresh air. You’re always down to have fun, and you keep things exciting. Are you a little basic? Maybe, but in a place like Berkeley where everyone’s trying to be their own unique person, it’s good to be basic — it really sets you apart, ironically.


In true radio fashion, if you have a KALX sticker, you’re probably a little grunge from all those late-night radio sessions, but in a cool, youthful way — not a gross, smelly way. You make your own path through this crazy thing called life and you’re probably wearing Dr. Martens while you’re doing it. Despite your effortlessly cool nature, you’re very opinionated and have a big personality that’s fit to carry a radio station; this is a good thing because people want to hear your opinions!

UC Berkeley math and engineering

Yes, we lumped math and engineering together; even though there are nuances that distinguish the two, to the untrained eye, math and engineering are two sides of the same, STEM-based coin. You’re low-key attractive, but you probably smell like pizza or wet cardboard (or maybe both), which isn’t your fault; it’s Kresge’s subterranean odor. You’re really smart — not in an intimidating way, but in more of a quietly condescending way, which we at the Clog appreciate because it’s much better than being loudly condescending. You’ll probably save the world one day, so for that, you have our undying gratitude.

While there’s an abundance of stickers that you’ll find all over campus, no two stickers are alike in their meaning. Each is incredibly unique, telling a different story and embodying a variety of characteristics. It’s funny how much one sticker can tell you here at UC Berkeley.

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