Boba and honey: 9 haikus for the weary UC Berkeley student

Armaan Mumtaz/Staff

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Haikus allow one to express deep, intense emotions in only a few syllables and words. Every day at this school is an emotional rollercoaster, and seemingly mundane and common events can either make or break our days — nay, lives. As UC Berkeley students, we don’t have time to write long-winded, epic poetry, but haikus are the perfect way to channel our creative energies and still have time to rush to our next club meeting. We at the Clog are all about the creative process, so enjoy our carefully-curated UC Berkeley-themed haikus.


Went to bed at three

Regretting my decisions

I hate 8 a.m.’s

“Friday Night on Durant” 


Stomach desires Artichoke’s

Screw this goddamn line

“Endless Cycle” 

Midterms are all done

Ah shoot here we go again

Moffitt all night long

“Hell on Wheels” 

My AirPods are in

Electric scooter zooms by

My heart skips a beat


Campanile rings

Squirrels run and students rush

This is Berkeley

“Gotta Go Fast” 

Got to catch the BART

51B is delayed

I am now the Flash

“The Climb”  

The Big C is high

The hike is scary at night

The view is killer

“Berkeley Love Story” 

“Oof my code won’t work”

“Let me debug it for you”

Start of a romance

“Lovable Creep” 

Reverse hourglass

He sees you when you’re sleeping

We love our Oski

We at the Clog hope you enjoyed our simple yet impactful poetry. Next time you catch yourself wishing you had a timely way to express yourself, maybe try writing a haiku — all you need are 17 syllables and some pent-up emotions!

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