Hong Kong-based franchise Hui Lau Shan opens in Berkeley

Maya Valluru/Staff

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Hui Lau Shan, one of the most popular dessert franchises in Hong Kong since the 1960s, has opened a location in Berkeley at 2282 Fulton St.

A dessert shop made for mango lovers, Hui Lau Shan is primarily known for its mango-based desserts, according to Cassie Liang, manager of the Berkeley location. She added that all its mango products are fresh and that nothing is canned, which makes the business unique and a healthy alternative to mainstream dessert shops. 

“There are so many boba places in Berkeley, but not any fresh dessert place,” Liang said. “I always have to drive to San Francisco to get fresh desserts and there is nowhere in the East Bay for desserts — students need local desserts.”

The most popular items on the diverse menu include the Mango Romance, mango chewy ball and mango mochi, among other items.

According to Liang, customers can expect handmade, fresh desserts at affordable prices when coming to the shop. Liang also noted that every item costs about $7-8 after tax and that the shop caters to students who want desserts at affordable prices.

Hui Lau Shan features a self-service dining system in which customers purchase their items at the front of the store and then receive a pager that buzzes when the customer’s order is ready. When a customer finishes their dessert, they also bus their own dishes, which saves the customer money because they don’t pay a service fee, according to Liang.

The shop features yellow walls that match the yellow mango, according to Liang. It also features a classroom-like setup in the back with a TV, music and a lot of communal seating for students to “enjoy dessert after midterms.”

“We hope that everyone, and not only Asians, will know our name,” Liang said.

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