Pisces season: Emotional moments every UC Berkeley student has been through

Illustration of crying fish at bus stop
Margueritte Ross/Staff

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I used to think that astrological signs were fake, but the more I grow up, the more I see how I’m practically a stereotypical Pisces. Emotional, sympathetic, escapist and intuitive are just a few words to describe your average Pisces. I believe UC Berkeley brings out the Pisces in everyone, especially our susceptibility to being an emotional mess. Here are five emotionally draining moments every UC Berkeley student can relate to.

Falling in love with a chunky boi, but it doesn’t love you back

I believe squirrels are the animals that will unite the divided lovers of cats and dogs. I always see them when I’m walking to the music library, chasing each other up trees. I always slowly walk up to them to get a closer look at their glorious, squishy storage bins for their nuts. They still scurry away. I valiantly deal with rejection by crying in the bathroom for 20 minutes before trying to approach them again. Rejection from a squirrel puts UC Berkeley students in their feels more than rejection from a consulting club or that cute person they’ve been flirting with in their history lecture does. 

You have a class in Dwinelle

Whoever built the labyrinth came back from the dead to create this mess of a building we call Dwinelle, which puts an emotional toll on students. Even the directory is unhelpful because imagining the 5 million different hallways is hard to do for a nonvisual person like me. The musty body heat from half of the campus population mixed with this puzzle from hell is a recipe for a stressed crying session.

It’s dead week! Time to find a place to study… oh wait, there’s none

With more than 20 libraries on campus, you would think you’d find one spot to study at during dead week. Forget about Moffitt unless you want to study in a bathroom stall. The same goes for every other library, you know. Don’t bother going to a café unless you can study with chaotic noise in the background. The defeat of wasting an hour finding somewhere to study and ending up back in your room is enough to make any non-Pisces emotionally explode.

Transit app doesn’t actually know when the bus is coming

As UC Berkeley students, we all have packed schedules. We know how to use our Google calendars to squeeze out every second we can get in the 24 hours of every day to get stuff done. Set the scene: you have an hour break, so you want to go home. You wait for the bus, which the app says will be here in five minutes. Twenty minutes later, you wish you had just walked, and you can kiss your downtime goodbye. In this situation, it’s okay to cry tears of frustration. Go ahead.

When Croads runs out of your bite of happiness for the day 

I saved the worst for last. After a subpar meal at Croads, what is there to look forward to? Drinking water and calling it a day? Hell no. I want my dessert. I want reparations after eating a plate of mystery meat and unseasoned vegetables. The rankings of the desserts at Croads have no room for debate. We all agree the chocolate chip cookies are the best. I know this because people line up to stack their plates with 10 cookies (no joke, I saw this once). I tear up when I finish my meal, and the cookies are gone. And it happens 90% of the time.

Whether you love or hate Pisces, they truly are accurate representations of Berkeley students because they’re always going through it. Go out there and find someone born between Feb. 19 and March 20, hug them tight and tell them how much they mean to you! Happy Pisces season!

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