Can’t find a place to study? Try the next big thing in study spots: Bathrooms!

Paolo Harris Paz/Staff

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Chances are, there’s something you should be studying for right now. The only problem might be that it’s hard to find the time or a seat on campus. Regular schoolwork and a lack of motivation might be making you procrastinate. However, there is a time during which you can always get in a quick study session: when you are using the restroom. Here are the places on campus with the best bathrooms to suit your specific studying needs.

First floor of the Valley Life Sciences Building

If you want motivation, then the first-floor bathrooms of VLSB should have you covered. There’s nothing more motivating than positive messages in scrawled bathroom graffiti. Just don’t let yourself get too distracted by reading what’s on the walls. You did go there to study, after all.

Li Ka Shing Center

Sometimes all you want for a bathroom to study in is for it to be clean. It’s definitely tricky to focus on anything — let alone to study — if the place you are in is disgusting. The bathrooms in Li Ka Shing are an example of a nice bathroom, but any bathroom you find pleasant can fit into this category.

Moffitt Library

The libraries on campus are well-known study spaces. The bathrooms in Moffitt, however, offer something more: The stalls are probably the most private ones you can find on campus. The massive doors and walls make the stall a completely sealed-off room. So if you really want nobody to know about your bathroom studying, then the bathrooms in Moffitt are the perfect fit. As a bonus, no one will think it’s weird for you to bring your study materials inside. They’ll just think you’re bringing your stuff to the bathroom because you’re afraid to leave it out.

Pimentel Hall

There are a few bathrooms on campus that feel like they are their own little world; Pimentel’s is one of those. If you want to get away from everything when you study, then it’s the perfect bathroom for you. There’s a chance you might be able to hear the lecture going on in the lecture hall, so that could spoil the illusion a little bit. However, it might get you into an academic mindset, which is ideal for studying inspiration.

So go and use your next bathroom break as a study session. There are so many bathrooms on campus, so there’s probably a perfect one to suit your studying needs. Hopefully, this list has already helped you find it.

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