Scouting it out: Where to get your Girl Scout cookie fix at UC Berkeley

Alexandra zhu/Staff

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It’s been hard to miss the young girls in green vests and the brightly colored boxes of cookies when walking around campus these past few weeks — that’s right, it’s Girl Scout cookie season. Even harder than avoiding the Girl Scouts is resisting the urge to buy a box of cookies every time you walk by one. Girl Scouts sell vegan and gluten-free options to cater to different dietary preferences, and they now accept Venmo, meaning that not having cash on you is no longer a valid excuse. Since the Girl Scouts appear to have cracked the code, we at the Clog figured we might as well give in and accept the fact that we’ll be living off of Girl Scout Cookies for the next few weeks. In honor of this decision, we have compiled a list of places near campus where you can get your cookie fix. 

Disclaimer: The Girl Scouts may move locations from week to week or year to year, but these locations are a good starting point when you’re looking to purchase a box or two.

Telegraph and Bancroft

By positioning themselves at arguably the most central location on campus, the Girl Scouts who set up at the intersection of Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way get to you before you even hit the tables on Sproul Plaza. This is the perfect location to pick up a box that you’ll be snacking on during all your classes throughout the day.

Caffe Strada

In addition to catering to students who walk or bike to and from campus by passing Caffe Strada, the Girl Scouts who set up here get business from everyone who agrees that Thin Mints are the perfect complement to their latte. 

Between Dwinelle and Wheeler

Need a snack to get you through your lecture? Just took a rough midterm? Realized you’ve been lost in Dwinelle all day without food? Whatever the reason might be, it’s one that’s good enough to buy some cookies from these girls who set up right past Sather Gate.

North Gate

The Girl Scout cookie coverage would be incomplete without giving a shoutout to our friends on Northside. When passing this cookie stop, you either just walked up a big hill or will walk up it later, which is the perfect justification for buying a box if you ask me. Not to mention, they’ve been sustaining us at The Daily Californian — you pass their booth on the way to the office.

Between Moffitt and Doe

This central location is the perfect spot to buy a box of cookies to eat during your study session at Moffitt, to cap off a study session at Doe or to complete your picnic on Memorial Glade.

Haas Pavilion

Girl Scouts who set up shop near Haas Pavilion cover the last of the primary Southside routes to campus. This spot is one that many people walk by after completing a workout at RSF, so it’s the perfect place to buy some cookies because you just burned off the calories in advance!

Though this is not a comprehensive list, as Girl Scouts could always choose to sell their cookies from a new location on campus, now you know some directions to head in when you need to give in to your cravings!

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