Impending COVID-19 outbreak demands ongoing transparency

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Campus administrators need to continue open communication with students and faculty regarding coronavirus impacts on education

Illustration of student looking at laptop on bed
Emily Bi/Senior Staff

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In light of the local COVID-19 outbreaks, also known as coronavirus, administrators have finally made the decision to implement virtual education. After a slew of emails from the UC Berkeley Division of Student Affairs to the campus community last week, it initially seemed as though administrators were ill-equipped to limit the effects of this global pandemic.

The campus’s decision to offer psychological support to those in distress and provide dining and housing solutions to those who may be staying on campus during spring break is truly commendable given the unprecedented circumstances. Additionally, finding a one-size-fits-all approach to classroom discussions, lectures and exams shows a level of dedication that this administration must continue in the coming days and weeks. 

The administration’s timely notices and its impacts on education have reassured students about their academic futures. The administration has vastly improved its crisis responses by increasing transparency, and the student body now expects this degree of communication going forward.

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