Student Action announces 6 ASUC Senate candidates

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On March 10, Student Action announced its first six senate candidates for the upcoming ASUC election.

Student Action, the party that has historically represented the Greek community, Jewish students and engineering students, has named Ruchi Shah, Ellis Spickermann, Steve Sasoung Kim, Maddy Chen, Sheena Dichoso Echano and Lauren-Cecile Lizardo Galang as candidates for the ASUC Senate.

Shah, a campus sophomore and computer science major, has a platform that focuses on making “tech available to everyone and anyone,” improving career development for students and representing the South Asian community on campus.

“I want to ensure that our community is represented in the ASUC to provide an inclusive voice for South Asian students,” Shah said in an email.

Sasoung Kim, a campus freshman majoring in data science and intending business administration, has a platform that focuses on representing the campus’s Korean community and supporting the East Asian campus clubs. He wants to use his senate seat to better the campus experience by launching a collaboration with rideshare companies to make their resources more accessible to students, as well as implementing career counselors in freshman residence halls.

Sasoung Kim said he was endorsed by the Cal Japan Club and feels his identity lies not only in his Korean representation but also in his freshman status.

“It is not only the Nobel Laureates who make UC Berkeley the great university but the thousands of diverse students defining their narratives on this campus,” Sasoung Kim said. “I plan to help their journey and bring actions to support them.”

Chen, a campus junior majoring in data science, has a platform based on “three main pillars” which are result- and impact-oriented.

The first pillar centers on the betterment of campus culture with an emphasis on technological diversity and representation, as well as on increasing mental health resources. Her second pillar is concentrated on supporting the rapidly growing data science major, and the third pillar focuses on campus social good and the expansion of resources.

Dichoso Echano, a campus sophomore, has a platform that focuses on increasing collaboration within the campus’s dance community, continuing conversations with Cal Performances for student group venue booking and increasing accessibility to spaces for student usage.

“In office, I intend to represent the Berkeley Dance Community and find long-term solutions to problems such as practice space saturation and expensive performance venues,” Dichoso Echano said in an email. “I will encourage the creation of more spaces that allow for collaboration both inter- and intra- community.”

Lizardo Galang, a campus junior, has a platform that focuses on “creating more dialogue and spaces for cultural groups.”

Additionally, she wants to improve accessibility to wellness resources such as menstrual products and create “healing spaces” for marginalized communities. Lizardo Galang said she was endorsed by the Pilipinx community.

“It’s the community that makes the senator, not the senator that makes the community,” Lizardo Galang said.

Voting for the 2020 ASUC elections will be held April 6 through April 8.

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