Student Action announces its final 5 ASUC Senate candidates

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On March 11, Student Action announced its final five senate candidates for the upcoming ASUC election.

The candidates are junior Julia Castro, freshman Samuel Peng, sophomore Michael Savides, sophomore and former Daily Californian reporter Ronit Sholkoff and junior Rex Zhang. The Student Action party has historically represented the Greek community, Jewish students and engineering students.

“Student Action has an emphasis on solution-oriented work. They see gaps in the system and work together to close those gaps,” Sholkoff said. “That’s an important part of what being an ASUC senator is. I believe in that message, that we can solve these problems, because we can see what those problems are and will work to find the solutions.”

Several of the candidates’ platforms are centered around improving accessibility to student wellness resources, Greek life accessibility and development and accountability and transparency in the ASUC and campus administration.

Zhang is running to improve career and graduate school support for international and transfer students. His other platforms include community and student organization support and campus accountability and advocacy. He added that because of the talent on campus, a senator’s role is to bring ASUC resources into the community to “empower” students to pursue their goals.

Peng’s platforms include establishing intercultural exchanges between East Asian communities. He added that he also plans to support international students and the entrepreneur community on campus.

“Student Action senators show great effort in making sure they are representing people from many cultural backgrounds,” Peng said. “I appreciate their efforts of trying to represent all these students from all these backgrounds.”

One of Savides’ platforms is Greek life community development, which he says will require a “cultural change” to increase access for people of all backgrounds. He also plans to expand Tang Center resources and ASUC accountability.

Castro said one of the reasons she decided to run for the ASUC Senate was because she felt frustrated with financial aid management. She added that her experience working in the ASUC for two years has prepared her to accomplish her platforms — which also include Greek life accessibility and student wellness — in one year, as she already understands the system.

Sholkoff plans to increase student health resources for the Greek system. She said she also hopes to empower the Jewish community and expand access to sexual wellness resources on campus.

“Each candidate has a unique personality and a lot of enthusiasm and passion which is amazing!” said Stephanie Luna-Lopez, campus senior and chair of Student Action, in an email. “I say that it’s the people who define the party, and not the party who defines the people, which is why I love what I do and the people that I get to work with.”

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A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that only Ronit Sholkoff’s platforms were about accessibility to wellness resources, Greek life accessibility and accountability in the ASUC. In fact, several candidates’ platforms centered around these issues.