The Clog’s power ranking of mint chocolate goodies

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While chocolate is sinfully good on its own, there’s no doubt that the best combination with chocolate is mint and chocolate. The sharp freshness of the herb against the luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth sensation and sweetness of the chocolate makes for a heavenly combination. While it cannot be contested that this flavor combination represents all that is good about the world, the best kind of mint chocolate dessert is a topic to be argued. Here’s the Clog’s take on the power ranking of mint chocolate in its different forms.

1. Mint chocolate cookies

Be it Thin Mints or mint-flavored Oreos, a simple chocolate cookie infused with mint is the perfect to-go treat. As you bite into the tender cookie, a sensation of freshness floods your mouth and wakes your senses up. The reason this tops all other minty desserts, however, is how light it is. The refreshing taste of the mint chocolate cookie keeps you going back for more. Before you know it, you’ve finished the entire pack.

2. Peppermint hot chocolate

While cookies have that “snackish” quality, there’s nothing more heartwarming and happiness-inducing than a warm cup of hot chocolate. It’s just like sipping regular hot chocolate, but with the added aftertaste of mint that wakes you up better than coffee ever could.

3. Mint chocolate cake

While the cookie is a quick bout of satisfaction before you’re onto the next one, a mint chocolate cake is more of a marathon. Instead of the cookie dissolving immediately in your mouth, the cake oozes flavor onto your palate with every chew. It might not be an instant satisfaction, but the sensation of velvet melting onto your tongue is like nothing else.

4. Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is a classic dessert. And, if we’re being honest, it’s kind of overrated. While the pops of chocolate in the midst of the taste of mint is a quiet sort of joy, the heaviness of the cream settling into your stomach leaves you needing a cup of water at the end. Most of the time, the sharpness of mint is buried under a bucketful of sugar, creating a strange blend of sugary mint with sickly chocolate that leaves much to be desired.

5. Mint chocolate bar

In most situations, the mint chocolate bar is simply a regular old bar of chocolate with a thin slab of mint frosting in the middle. While this sounds incredible, the reality is that the only thing you end up tasting is sugar and mint. Instead of the dark cocoa making the mint a more subtle and refined flavor, the overwhelming sweetness makes your teeth ache, leaving you very unhappy.

Mint and cocoa can simulate heaven in your mouth, or make you want to rinse your mouth out for the next week. We at the Clog hope this ranking has helped you discern the difference between mint bliss and a hellish dessert.

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