UC Berkeley freshman William Liu launches independent ASUC Senate campaign

Josh Kahen/Staff

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Campus freshman William Liu is running as an independent candidate to represent international students in the upcoming ASUC Senate election.

Liu’s campaign focuses on helping international students by creating a welcoming atmosphere on campus. Liu said he hopes to encourage international students to participate in a wider variety of clubs, fraternities and sororities that include students from different backgrounds.

Liu, as an international student himself, said he has noticed a pattern on campus of students joining clubs that are largely made up of other students of similar backgrounds.

“They deserve the opportunity and they have the ability to be a part of the American organizations,” Liu said.

Liu’s platform also includes workshops for international students that would help guide them through the application process for clubs on campus. Liu plans to organize coffee chats between international students and club members and create “diverse workshops” to enrich student experiences and increase their chances of participating in clubs.

Some of the platforms Liu suggests could bring students together include fashion, art and music. Liu said he plans to hold fashion shows and events where international students can express their culture. Liu said in an email that he hopes to mimic street culture shows, which would raise awareness about global fashion trends.

In order to offer support for further communication with international students, Liu said in an email that he hopes to create a mailbox and online platforms to receive requests from students. He also said he hopes to offer individual chatting opportunities for students who want private communication.

Liu’s senate campaign also aims to establish “sufficient” resources and information, including specific legal documents, stores to procure necessities and city guides for smoother transitions from other countries into UC Berkeley.

While he recognizes that other candidates are running to represent international students as well, Liu added that his platform represents a greater variety of student backgrounds.

Liu said he is running as an independent candidate because he views doing so as “less messy” than being affiliated with a political party. As an independent candidate, he said he will be the sole figure of his campaign and therefore more recognizable.

Currently, Lui works in ASUC Senator Liam Will’s office. In fall 2019, his responsibilities in Will’s office included creating a pamphlet that guided incoming students in their transition to campus. Liu said he now works to reach out to other politically involved organizations to inform them about what is occurring on campus.

Liu said by running as a freshman he will have “more opportunities for the future” and “more potential to do well with his ability to enact change.”

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