Saying ‘Yes and …’: A liberating way for new opportunities to arise

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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As college students, now is the perfect time to take risks and to do things we may not be able to do later on in life. Of course, it’s critical that you follow your priorities and values, but as relatively young people, now more than ever, we should “send it” on doing some fun and out of the ordinary things. It may be in our best interest to say “Yes and …” to the various opportunities that arise. Saying “Yes and …” demonstrates your acceptance and excitement, and carries the power to open doors and exciting ventures for you. Be sure to not sacrifice being responsible and taking care of what’s important, but please, please, please do not forget that it’s your life we are talking about. Through this learning practice of “Yes and …” figure yourself out, align yourself, create some memories and tell stories.

None of this is to say that you should act with complete disregard for all the relationships you have with people, places and larger communities. These connections have helped support you through thick and thin, and have created a space filled with opportunities that you can say “Yes and …” to. Always remember how important your support systems and loved ones are. We couldn’t do this without each other, which is something we should rejoice in and be grateful for!

Here are some scenarios where you can utilize the phrase “Yes and …” in your own life.

  • Dating  (if you’re into that – test out your options!)
  • Something you have always been afraid to do
  • Falling madly in love
  • Investing
  • Learning a new skill (such as a language, gardening or mushroom foraging)
  • Trying out a new class
  • Getting physical (in other words, finding something that you and your body like)
  • Talking to someone new every week
  • Hanging out with different groups of friends
  • Finding a new job or internship

Those are just a few general suggestions, but hopefully you get the point!

As UC Berkeley students, we are constantly bombarded with really incredible opportunities. We made it here, and we should definitely take advantage of being able to say “Yes and …” to the different occasions that come up. Furthermore, we are also surrounded by tons of people, which means that we could find ourselves in an interesting situation simply by having one conversation. While this can also be super overwhelming, it is also such a privilege – let’s not take it for granted!

So, what say you?

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