UC President Janet Napolitano orders expanded paid administrative leave in response to COVID-19

Rachael Garner/File
A year after taking the helm of the University of California, UC President Janet Napolitano discussed a number of issues from tuition increases to maintaining the quality of the university with student press on September 30.

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Update 3/26/2020: This article has been updated to include additional information from UC Office of the President spokesperson Andrew Gordon.

UC President Janet Napolitano issued an executive order Monday mandating expanded paid family leave for UC workers in response to the COVID-19, colloquially known as the coronavirus, pandemic.

The order makes all employees eligible to receive up to 128 hours of paid administrative leave one time before Dec. 31. It comes with several conditions, including that the extra paid leave is used in response to a COVID-19-related illness of the employee or their family member, that an employee is under a shelter-in-place order and is unable to come to work or that the employee must be home with a child or dependent in response to school or day care closures and remote work is unfeasible.

The order also applies to those who have been directed not to come to work in-person but cannot work at home. According to the order, those who work part time will have the 128-hour measure prorated to fit their assignment.

“The University of California holds as its highest priority the health, safety and wellbeing of its students, faculty, clinicians, administrators and employees, and all other members of its communities,” Napolitano said in the order. “As President of the University, I have concluded that critical steps must be taken to limit the exposure of members of our community to the disease within our community, to care for those who have fallen ill or otherwise been exposed, and to assure the continued functioning of critical operations.”

According to UC Office of the President spokesperson Andrew Gordon, supervisors of employees have the discretion to approve the use of the extra leave. He added that the order stipulates that the use of the leave must not hinder the delivery of “essential” services, including clinical services delivered by UC Health.

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