Sending air hugs! Ways to show love and appreciation to your friends without touching them

Sunny Shen/Staff

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As integral parts of our lives, friends support us when we’re feeling down, encourage us in all our endeavors and ground us when we’re going through tumultuous times like these. With #SocialDistancingSpring as the new and necessary trend, however, showering our favorite human beings with hugs and physical affection is definitely not the move. But do not worry! Whether you’re far apart or just cutting down on in-person interactions, there are still plenty of ways you can show your love and appreciation for all the spectacular individuals in your life. 

Send them encouraging texts

With the worries of the world added on top of the ever-present stress of school, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Whether your friends are taking an online midterm for the first time or just weathering the struggles of life, sending them optimistic, encouraging and uplifting messages can do wonders. A simple “Hey, I believe in you!”, “I’m here for you :)” or even just a random “Thank you for being in my life <3” reminds them that they still have that solid support system, no matter what. 

Go old school

Take some time to reflect and think about the friendships you value, grab a pen and some paper and write! If your friends are at home and far away, seize the opportunity to be creative with the circumstances and go old school. Try sending them a postcard or mailing them a letter! Tell them what you love about them, thank them for being in your life and/or mail them a collection of printed photos — the possibilities are endless.  

Tag them in memes

Ah yes, the universal indicator of friendship. I know, this one’s a no-brainer — you probably already do it! This is a fun and smile-inducing way to stay connected with your friends, especially if you see any memes or posts that remind you of them. Let your buds know that you’re thinking of them and tag away — who doesn’t love a good meme?

Channel your inner artist 

With so much “free time” on your hands, it’s time to channel those fabulous artistic abilities from within. Now that you don’t get to see your friends as often, aren’t you just bursting to express how much you love and miss them? Write a poem about the funny quirks of your friendship, compose a song detailing the sweet memories of college, paint an abstract portrait of your friend or even make a meme perfectly tailored to them. As intensely artistic as these ideas seem, there is no one way to do this! All you need is a little love and creativity. 

Come up with a secret dance 

Handshakes and high fives are no longer cool. Instead, come up with a secret dance that only you and your friends know! Every time you see each other, dance it out and relish in this unique gesture only you guys know.

Order them food delivery 

Food is undeniably the ultimate sign of love. Maybe they’ve had an extremely stressful day, or maybe they have been cooped up studying for too long. Sending them an Uber Eats order of their favorite comfort food or dropping off a cupcake of encouragement is a surefire way to show your love, make them smile and melt their hearts. 

Not being able to hug your friends or give them high-fives can definitely feel weird, especially if it’s been such a norm in your life, but physical touch is not the only way we can show we care. In times like these, take advantage of the opportunity to get creative when it comes to expressing your love. From simple texts to secret dances, elaborate letters to food deliveries, it really doesn’t matter what you do, but rather, the thought behind it. Now, armed with this list and some *air hugs* from us at the Clog, go on and share the love!

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