Just give me a raisin: The Clog’s power ranking of dried fruit

wikimedia/Creative Commons

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It’s no secret that college students love snacking, but one snack that doesn’t get mentioned often is dried fruit. This underrated snack increases your fiber and nutrient intake. It’s the perfect snack to eat on the go because you don’t risk smashing it by throwing it in your bag. While dried fruit can also be high in sugar and therefore contain empty calories, eating a small amount is the perfect way to get a boost of energy. Since there are so many varieties out there, we at the Clog decided to create a power ranking to help you determine which fruit you should try first. It should be noted that this is entirely our opinion and all kinds of dried fruit deserve equal appreciation!

6. Raisins

They may not be the most exciting dried fruit, which is why they’re at the bottom of our ranking, but raisins can be a good addition to a trail mix, cookie, carrot cake or oatmeal. 

5. Dried apricots

If you’re a fan of sour candies, dried apricot is the dried fruit for you. This tends to run a little on the tart side and is not found in as many baked goods or dishes, but dried apricots still make a perfectly good snack on their own!

4. Dates

Also not commonly found in as many dishes, dates are a sweet dried fruit that work as a great substitute for dessert if you’re trying to eat healthier and cut down on processed foods. In some countries, dates are used in puddings, syrups and even wines.

3. Dried cranberries

As the perfect addition to trail mix, bread and cereals, dried cranberries earn the No. 3 spot in our ranking! Part of this distinction is due to their ability to elevate any salad, making that mediocre meal at the dining hall much more enjoyable.

2. Dried mandarin oranges

You may have never heard of dried mandarin oranges before, but taking a risk and trying them out will not disappoint! When they’re dried, mandarin oranges become tiny pouches bursting with delicious flavors!

1.  Dried mango

Though it isn’t that versatile in the sense that it is often only eaten by itself, dried mango has earned the No. 1 spot on our list. With its many varieties — simply dried, dried with sugar or freeze-dried — dried mango comes in varieties that will hit the spot for nearly everyone.

No matter which fruit you pick or how you choose to enjoy it, there’s sure to be a dried fruit out there for you!

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