UC Berkeley stops processing check payments, suspends late fees in response to COVID-19

Zainab Ali/File

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In a campuswide email sent Wednesday, campus administration announced changes to how the campus receives and processes tuition payments in response to Alameda County’s shelter-in-place order and COVID-19, colloquially known as the coronavirus.

According to the email, Billing and Payment Services will no longer be accepting check payments, even those that are mailed or delivered indirectly, until at least April 7. Payments should instead be made online through CalCentral, which accepts multiple methods of transaction, according to the email.

Because of this change, the email also said UC Berkeley will temporarily suspend late fees, effective as of Monday, to account for challenges with the timeline of the message and to “alleviate students of these potential pressures.”

“We understand that some students may have already mailed payments that will not be processed in as timely a manner as usual,” the email reads. “We also understand that some of our students may be experiencing economic hardships as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

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