Snuggle up with the Clog’s definitive power ranking of floofiness

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Have you ever seen a dog so furry, you’re certain it feels softer than a cloud? Or have you perhaps seen a picture of an animal so fluffy, you just want to dig your face into its side and lie there for eternity? Enter floofiness.

Floofiness is basically fluffiness, but amplified many magnitudes. Floofiness is what makes you want to touch a puffy dog or lie down in the soft fur coat of an animal. It is a phenomenon that has taken over social media with people posting pictures of cute, floofy animals on pages such as Dogspotting.

There are a lot of floofy animals out there. Sometimes, you’ll come across one and think that it’s the floofiest thing you’ve ever seen. But is it really? With this power ranking, you’ll be able to tell which floofy animals are, indeed, the floofiest.

Baby pandas

Baby pandas are the floofiest animal ever. There is no competition. Along with their exceptional coat of fur, baby pandas are also chonky, making them seem like big balls of floof, just hobbling and walking around, occasionally falling on their cute butts. Their entire existence is defined by cuteness. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Flickr/Creative Commons

Corgi puppies

Corgi puppies are perhaps the most iconic, floofiest dogs in the world. All over social media, corgi puppies have amassed hundreds of thousands of likes, purely from their floofiness. In essence, they’re just one long soft potato with stumpy, cute legs — and that’s fine with us. The very thought of corgi puppies exudes feelings of floof, and once you throw in the fact that they’re “man’s best friend,” that floofiness factor skyrockets.

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Snow leopards

I didn’t know snow leopards were floofy at all. In fact, I was taught that they are advanced predators in the Arctic Circle and other cold climates. After watching a bit of an animal documentary on Disney+, however, I’ve come to realize their true floofiness. When snow leopards aren’t chowing down on a prey’s carcass, you can see their floofy legs and bodies protecting them from the cold. Also, their tails look like floofy Cheetos Puffs. It almost makes you want to go up to one and hug it, despite the fact that it’ll most certainly end your existence right then and there.

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Mini Lop rabbits

Rabbits are similar to dogs in that they are also some of the most iconic, floofy creatures known to humankind. The Mini Lop is the best example of this. This rabbit breed is tiny enough that it looks pleasantly squeezable, but not so tiny that it loses the rabbit-ness. The extreme amount of fur on the plump body of this rabbit makes it look so squeezable and huggable, and on top of that, its floofy down-turned ears make it look all the more unassuming. All in all, it’s a very solid floofy animal indeed.

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Japanese pancakes

Okay, this one isn’t actually an animal. But, these pancakes exude floofiness all the same. Most pancakes are flat and delicious. These pancakes are chonky, jiggly and delicious, all at the same time. If you’ve ever seen a Tasty video on how to make Japanese pancakes, you’d know that they make you feel some type of way — a type of way that food should not be allowed to make you feel. It just feels like you could grab one and feel its substance mushing in your hands in the softest way possible, yet retaining its shape. You just want to pop it in your mouth and feel a sensation so nice you’d feel like you’re on cloud nine.

We all need a little floofiness in our lives right now. Whether your favorite floofer is a baby panda or something else, take comfort in knowing that there are some adorable little creatures (and food!) out there, making the world a better place.

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