Orange shocked veil: A poetry collection

Xinyu Li/File

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As a Mother

As a mother,

Awashed in an injury of soap

Needed to mount the summit 

Of shanty towels,

A’wasted in the orange shocked veil,

Of summer’s simmering laundry 


The water is too hot.


Let the hands

Redden and peel;

Fill the coat pockets with shivering rings

And the complementary shards of skin.


And now running 



Leaves the faucet on.



Look at Her Run

into the forest

Adjacent the washboard,


Gray hairs plucked by wind

and replaced with loosely woven nightshade florets.




Her feet muddy.

Could it be


Could it be




A Halt.

It is.


Hannah Frances Johansson is the Weekender deputy editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @hanfrancesjohan.

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