Concerts canceled? Watch One Direction perform on YouTube

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Imagine this: You’ve bought concert tickets to see your favorite pop artist, you’ve been waiting in anticipation for the glorious day, you’ve made playlists to prepare, you’ve picked out your favorite outfit, then boom — canceled. 

Yeah, all of the concert tours in the nation getting canceled or postponed kind of sucks. But there are bigger things to worry about. So, in between sessions of flirting on Zoom and learning new TikTok dances in your high school bedroom, live out that true concert experience online. We’ve seen the hype for Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” and Taylor Swift’s “Reputation Stadium Tour” on Netflix, but not all of us can afford Netflix subscriptions with our college budget (or maybe your old fling finally changed their password). Here is where One Direction comes in to save the day. 

Let’s take it back to 2014. Zayn Malik was still a member of One Direction, and the band was on the beloved Where We Are Tour, just following the peak of its fame. Luckily for 1D fans everywhere, this live performance was recorded and put on YouTube completely free of charge, in a full movie just under two hours long. If you’re feeling daring and nostalgic, immerse yourself in the band’s recorded performance from Italy. 

To make this experience especially worth it, turn this “live” concert experience into a tragic drinking game with your friends (but over FaceTime because we’re social distancing). Every time a fan cries on-screen, one of the boys tries to speak Italian or Liam Payne says, “Now, you sing!” make sure to take a drink. Mix it up and try to think of your own rules.  

Whether you liked or disliked One Direction during the band’s reign, you cannot deny that the One Direction fandom really popped off. This concert in Italy showcases exactly how powerful One Direction fans are. During the band’s “Right Now” performance, Italian Directioners pulled off one of many concert projects by spelling out “We are 1D family” in the stands. This moment in the concert really makes all of us One Direction stans at home feel nostalgic and like we’re actually at a One Direction concert.  

The set list really hits when the members pull “Strong” out — an underrated 1D classic, if you ask us. Everything looks and sounds perfect, but we can’t help but be distracted by the scarf seemingly nesting in Harry Styles’ hair. Did he just throw that on? What is the hair-to-scarf ratio? Was it just a phase? We have questions, yet they remain unanswered. This is the kind of intrigue that elevates this concert experience.

“Alive” is another hidden One Direction gem that makes an appearance in the set. If you can get past the boys’ attempts at speaking “bene” Italian, then you can feel like they’re really performing to you, wherever you are. Get into the moment and listen every time Harry has something to say — he really do be making points. 

The appearance of Josh Devine, the drummer, is the revival every OG One Direction stan needs in this trying time. Josh was an integral part of every true stan’s British boy band phase, and maybe you entirely forgot who he was before those drumsticks drew your attention, but this early 2010s flashback stands in the ranks of people such as baby Lux and Cher Lloyd. 

Throughout the concert, the movie records all of 1D’s quirky moments to really make you feel like you’re right there in the stadium with them. From taking bathroom breaks in between sets to the boys just having a chat with the audience, this concert is a true 1D experience that is just as good as seeing them live. Harry seals the deal when he points at the camera and addresses those watching at home. 

We understand that this recorded concert may not help you get over your other canceled events, but trust us, it is worth the watch. From beginning to end, One Direction’s Where We Are Tour movie gives us all the emotions we face when going to a performance in real life. After watching, you’ll definitely get that feeling of post-concert depression you usually get once the show is over. 

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