This too shall pass: I’ll see you again, my friend

Illustration of bears hugging

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To my friend,

College has been a wild ride, and it’s been made all the better because of you. Whether I met you during the first week of college or just this semester, know that I’m grateful for you. We’ve been there for each other through the highs and lows of university, and I can’t help but wish that we still had those two months of the semester left to hang out. It’s okay, though. We’ll see each other again.

While everything else in my life has been a very unstable earthquake, you’ve been the steadfast constant through the natural disaster that is UC Berkeley. You’ve inspired me and pushed me to better myself. When I was the bumbling, confused mess I always am, your advice was what calmed me and got me through everything.

Most of all, my favorite part of getting to know you is learning your little quirks. Whether you prefer coffee or tea, and how you like it — milk, sugar or neither. Even the kind of food you like and your favorite cuisine. They’re all such little things, but they say so much about you. Sure, you sometimes mimic organic chemistry; upon first impression, you are quite befuddling. I suppose that’s the case when you meet anyone for the first time. Like organic chemistry, however, piecing together the puzzle that makes you, my delightful friend, is the fun of it.

Knowing you is like having a caffè latte; it’s warm and complex, but most of all, it’s comforting. Thank you for being by my side. I probably won’t see you again for a few months, but I know that it won’t matter. I’ll catch you on the flip side, whether that’s next semester or next year. In the meantime, we have the spring and summer months to make the most of under the given circumstances.

The worst thing about this situation is that we’re stuck at home and don’t know when this will all end. At least we have those Facebook Messenger and Snapchat games to entertain ourselves with — I bet I could beat you at pool.

Finding the people who complement me and are the “right fit” has always been a struggle. Moving to a different country for college has made this even more difficult. As such, I really am lucky to have you in my life. I don’t know what I’d be doing otherwise. Thank you, mon ami.

See ya later, alligator.

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