How to stay fit when you’re quarantined

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Being stuck at home may lead you to think your fitness goals are stalled, but the complete opposite is true! Now is the perfect time to commit to working on your fitness goals, as you have more time on your hands. While it may be hard when you are cooped up all day and continuously surrounded by tempting snacks, there are tons of things you can do to help yourself stay healthy during these hard times. Here are our best tips for staying on top of your health and fitness during this quarantine!

Make a daily schedule

Making a daily schedule will not only help you stay on track with your fitness but will also generally help you stay sane during this period. Plan when you’re going to wake up, when you are going to eat and everything you need to get done during the day — including your workout, of course! Having a schedule will keep you accountable and will help if you are feeling sluggish and bored at home.

Plan your workout the night before

Just as you should make a general schedule, it’s even more important to plan ahead for workouts if you’re trying to stay in good shape while the gyms are all closed. Having the motivation to exercise is great, but if you don’t go in with a plan, chances are you won’t see the best results. It’s easy to put off doing a workout, especially if it’s not planned. But if you go in with a clear list of everything you are going to do, it makes it much easier to get all those things done!

Meal prep 

While getting up and exercising is so great, your nutrition during this time is what is really important. Being bored and sitting around all day can definitely lead to some overeating. And while it’s okay to give yourself some leniency during these stressful times, eating right will help you feel better overall. Our best tip is to meal prep, or at least try to plan for your meals. Laying it all out can help you see everything you are eating and deter you from all the unnecessary snacking!

We hope these super simple tips help you stay on track with your fitness goals during this quarantine! Not only will exercising and eating right help you physically, but these are also so crucial for keeping you mentally healthy as well. Stay safe and healthy!

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