UC Berkeley to possibly consolidate students living in campus housing

Rachael Garner/File

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Update 4/2/2020: This article has been updated to include additional information from UC Berkeley’s Division of Student Affairs.

In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, colloquially known as the coronavirus, UC Berkeley is looking to consolidate students within campus housing while promoting social distancing and community.

According to an email from UC Berkeley’s Division of Student Affairs, it is likely that all residents — including those currently living with one or more roommates — will be moved into single-occupancy rooms. Individuals who currently do not have anyone living on their floor or in their building will likely also be moved in an attempt to prevent loneliness and feelings of isolation. Those who plan to move out by April 20, however, will not be relocated.

To get an accurate assessment of students planning to remain on campus, student residents have been asked to complete a survey by April 2. Students who have already moved out or plan to move out have also been asked to complete a housing cancellation form.

“While we understand this can be distressing and moving is always disruptive, please know that your physical and mental health are guiding our choices and remain our top priorities,” the email reads.

According to the email, Clark Kerr Campus, Foothill and Stern Hall will likely be closed, and there is a possibility that Beverly Cleary Hall and some Unit 3 towers may also be closed. Students living in these buildings would likely be relocated to either Unit 1 or Unit 2.

With the exception of Clark Kerr buildings 16 and 17, students living in apartment-style facilities will not be moved, as these residences are not as densely populated and do not rely on central dining facilities, according to the email.

To aid students who are requested to move, the campus plans to provide boxes and tape and to engage with a moving service to help students move to their new locations.

The Division of Student Affairs sent a second email to campus residents April 2 updating students that it has negotiated preferred pricing from a UC-approved moving company. At a packaged price of $400, the moving company will help students pack their belongings, move belongings out of on-campus housing and store them until Aug. 27. Students who wish to use the service should fill out the form linked in the email by April 10.

UC Berkeley is also working to ensure that there are enough resident assistants and is aiming to keep a consistent hall staff member in each community. Additionally, to support dining staff who care for children or elderly individuals, the campus is working to consolidate dining facilities to promote sufficient staffing.

The first email also promises that the campus is looking to keep communities together, especially as friendships are essential during times like these.

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