At-home HIIT exercises to keep you sane in quarantine

Alexandra Zhu/Staff

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Now that we are stuck at home, you have no excuse for not reaching your fitness goals! Even if you are not looking to get in shape, exercise and movement are great ways to keep yourself busy and sane during this uncertain time. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workouts are all the rage nowadays and are the easiest form of cardio you can do right in your home or backyard! HIIT is super customizable. Here are some of the most common HIIT exercises that you can choose from to create your own at-home sweat sesh!


Squats are an amazing full-body workout, and they’re super easy to do anywhere. There are tons of different variations, so you can pick any or all to try in your workout! First is just your average squat: feet shoulder-width apart. From there, you can move to a wide-stance squat, moving your feet outside your shoulder range and pointing your toes out at an angle. If you want even more of a challenge, we recommend trying squat jumps. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart or in wide stance, you can squat down, then jump and explode up for an extra burn.


Just like squats, lunges are great for a full-body move and for balance. You can do regular lunges by standing in place and lunging forward or backward, or you can do walking lunges if you have more space. If you are looking for a trickier move, you can also try a curtsy lunge: Instead of lunging directly back straight behind you, reach your leg back and behind your front leg in a “curtsy” manner. Another option is elevated lunges, for which you put your back leg up on something like a chair or couch. It will give you a deeper lunge and a better burn!


Pushups are a classic workout, and that is because they are effective! There are so many options when it comes to pushups, and they can all be modified to any difficulty level. In addition to the standard pushups, you can try wide-grip pushups, moving your hands outside of your shoulders, or triangle pushups, for which you put your hands very close together. All of these will target different muscle groups, so feel free to mix them all if you’re feeling up for it! You can also choose to increase the difficulty by adding a jump to any of these. Do your pushup, then explode up at the end. Elevating your hand or your foot can also make this move more challenging.

Now that you have tons of options, mix and match these to make your very own HIIT workout. Try to pick time intervals in which to do these exercises, such as 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest between each set to keep your heart rate up. Get moving!


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