5 industry podcasts, video series to help you self-educate in quarantine

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With the quarantine in full effect, you may have turned to entertainment for a means of solace during these difficult times. If you have grown anxious from watching the news about COVID-19, colloquially known as the coronavirus, or are bored with watching re-run episodes of “The Office,” this situation presents a great opportunity for self-education and motivation. Without UC Berkeley right outside your door, you may be seeking alternative ways to stay informed about your aspirations, industry and the world. We at the Clog have compiled a list of five podcasts and video series from UC Berkeley to help you do just that.

“Leading Through Crisis”

Sponsored by the Haas School of Business, “Leading Through Crisis” offers tips on how to lead the way through the COVID-19 crisis. This executive education series covers the ins and outs of leadership in times of hardship and features faculty from both Haas and UC Berkeley. Recent videos that have been released include “Leading Culture through Crisis” and “The Neuroscience of Work-From-Home Productivity.” Videos to be released in the future include “The Economics of a Cultural Shift,” “Becoming a Changemaker in a Time of Uncertainty” and many more. This video series is for those who want to learn about the impacts that COVID-19 will have on their organizational flow and how to make the most of their current situation.

“Berkeley Talks”

If you’re looking to learn more about emerging industries, groundbreaking research and fresh ideas, check out “Berkeley Talks.” This podcast releases episodes every other Friday and has many that feature the amazing UC Berkeley faculty. Covering topics from using psychedelics for medicinal purposes to the benefits of abolishing prisons, this podcast is chock-full of new information from the best and brightest at our campus. For people seeking content that is equally entertaining and educational, be sure to check out “Berkeley Talks.”

“A. Richard Newton Series”

The Pantas and Ting Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology’s largest course, the “A. Richard Newton Series,” invites entrepreneurs, founders and innovators alike to share their experiences and advice to current UC Berkeley students. Posted to the Sutardja Center’s website, the “A. Richard Newton Series” is a great way for individuals to learn from experienced innovators. With more than 20 semesters of the series, you will discover stories of both failure and triumph to inspire and encourage you. Even without constant interaction with the UC Berkeley community, the “A. Richard Newton Series” provides a way to stay connected to the entrepreneurial spirit of the school.

“Berkeley Innovation Podcast”

This podcast is also offered by the Sutardja Center. It includes a “Foundercast” series, which interviews company founders connected to the Berkeley community, such as those of Quokka Brew, Expensify, DoorDash and others. The “Berkeley Innovation Podcast” also offers “Faculty Insight” interviews which, as the name suggests, draw insights from knowledgeable UC Berkeley faculty members. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about technology innovation and entrepreneurship through expert interviews.

“Candid Career”

Lastly, this video series from UC Berkeley’s Career Center is great for students who want to learn more about industry professionals: what they do, what their industry is all about and how they got to where they are. Each video is one to two minutes long and holds an informational interview with a professional in that position. The quarantine offers plenty of time to self-reflect and focus on what you want to do post-graduation. These videos can offer more insights to help you along your professional journey. 

Turn this isolating crisis into an educational opportunity by listening to these five enlightening podcasts and video series. Maintaining a curious mindset during challenging times can help us gain insights about ourselves and the world we live in.

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