UC Berkeley sophomore Dani Coze announces candidacy for ASUC Senate

Dani Coze/Courtesy

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Hoping to promote student health and happiness, UC Berkeley sophomore Dani Coze announced her independent candidacy for ASUC Senate. 

Coze, who is studying conservation and resource studies, said her interest in politics was sparked by her politically active family. Looking to represent the Panhellenic Council community, Coze hopes to make strides in preventing sexual harassment and violence, promoting sexual and reproductive health and pushing for sustainability. 

“She’s an incredibly passionate and intentional individual,” said campus sophomore Ashvin Dhawan, who is a friend of Coze. “Dani has very strong opinions about what she believes, but she doesn’t talk that much. She prefers action over anything else.” 

Outside of classes, Coze remains an active member of campus Greek life as a member of Sigma Kappa and as a peer educator with Greening the Greeks. She is also a sexual violence and sexual harassment, or SVSH, prevention co-director in the ASUC Office of the President. 

If elected, Coze hopes to help mitigate sexual harassment and violence on campus. More specifically, she looks to foster a safer environment within the Greek system as well as hold it more accountable. 

She added that issues surrounding SVSH are “infuriating” to see within Greek life and that they are often overlooked despite permanently affecting individuals’ lives. 

Coze also said she would help determine which student organizations have SVSH prevention education in place and aid those that do not by providing them with information about additional resources. 

Additionally, Coze said she hopes to promote sexual and reproductive health on campus by improving accessibility to resources and initiating conversations. 

Coze said she would work to make contraceptives and testing for sexually transmitted infections more accessible, while also helping to provide free menstrual products — especially to those living in campus housing and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. 

“As a Greek member, it’s incredibly frustrating to hear about the problems happening every day, week, month,” said Haley Kolus, campus junior and Coze’s campaign manager. “To have a candidate who is a part of that and who is running on a purely gender, health focus is so important on our campus.”

Emphasizing sustainability on campus and within Greek life is also critical to Coze. While she recognizes the efforts being made by the campus community, she said there is more that needs to be done, especially within Greek life. 

Coze added that she would promote education about sustainability in addition to pushing for more environmentally friendly food options. 

“I care so much about every little thing that I do and about the students at this school,” Coze said. “I think every student at Berkeley is so capable and incredible. … I want students to lead healthier and happier lives.”

Mallika Seshadri is the city news editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @SeshadriMallika.