Melvin Tangonan for executive vice president

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While Student Action candidate Melvin Tangonan is the most qualified candidate for the executive vice president position, his interview with The Daily Californian left plenty to be desired. As a former intern in the office of former ASUC Senator Rizza Estacio and current ASUC senator, Tangonan should have displayed a definitive edge over DAAP/FIRE candidate Ashley Carrillo, but Tangonan simply described baseline goals he hoped to accomplish if elected. Still, he displayed more of an understanding of and has more experience with the ASUC’s inner workings, thus giving him an edge. 

One of Tangonan’s primary goals in an interview was a desire to improve Sprouling efforts” and ensure equal representation for student organizations by finding a more efficient space reservation system. Additionally, he plans to continue building relationships with food vendors in Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union and improving safety measures in Eshleman Hall.

Though his commitment to utilizing socially conscious vendors and increasing student organizations’ accessibility to reservation services highlights his understanding of the EVP position, Tangonan touted cookie-cutter platforms that are fundamental to the EVP’s role.

On the other hand, Carrillo lacked knowledge of the current EVP’s policies and advocated for measures that the EVP does not have the authority to implement, such as eradicating admission testing requirements. Additionally, she could not articulate viable steps toward making Eshleman Hall a sanctuary, showcasing her shortcomings in understanding the position she is running for.

While Tangonan’s platforms seem to be baseline EVP goals, many require focus — his tactics for Upper Sproul Plaza reservation, for example, would be incredibly beneficial to registered student organizations.

Members of the board anticipated that Tangonan would voice substantive ideas to really transform and make the most of his position as EVP if elected. Hopefully, Tangonan will be able to reassess and revitalize the position if he takes office.

Vote Melvin Tangonan for executive vice president.

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