Victoria Vera for president

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The Daily Californian’s Editorial Board has seldom seen a candidate so apt for the ASUC presidency, but Victoria Vera shined among the rest, as she demonstrated her keen focus on fostering trust among the student body and uplifting marginalized students. 

After being chair of the ASUC Diversity Affairs Commission for two years, Vera gained invaluable knowledge about the ASUC’s bureaucracy and set ambitious yet achievable goals to foster student collaboration, advocate for affordability and provide increased accessibility to ASUC meetings and discussions. Her dedication to unify students and hold transparent discussions on pressing issues in order to create feasible solutions is an exceptional trait in a presidential candidate.

Vera seems invigorated by a genuine need to uplift students, as displayed by her transparency as commission chair and her active approach with surveys and resolutions, which is exactly what we need to counter the student body’s distrust of institutions such as the ASUC.

Although Vera does not have experience as a senator, her projects and goals from her time as diversity chair will seamlessly carry over to a presidential position. She intends to streamline and publicize the reporting process for hate speech, along with clarifying the process for better accountability. Additionally, she recognizes that the lack of space in retention centers is concerning and has devised solutions to obtain more funding. Simply put, Vera has concrete plans and solutions to go along with them.

While Student Action candidate Haazim Amirali struggled to maintain a clear focus on the myriad policies he was advocating for, he acknowledged the ASUC’s past shortcomings and plans to prioritize diversity and inclusion to counter the organization’s persistent inaccessibility. His experience as a current senator and former legislative director under former ASUC Senator Adnan Hemani is evidence of his knowledge, but throughout his interview, he neglected to accentuate specific communities he planned to uplift.

DAAP/FIRE candidate Stephanie Gutierrez failed to focus on UC Berkeley-specific policies and seemed to be running on the same platforms she has for the last two elections, indicating no changes to how she plans on addressing the many plights faced by the student body.

Vera recognizes the power and privilege of the ASUC president, and she plans to use that position to effectively and efficiently fight for the entire student body.

Vote Victoria Vera for president.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the spring 2020 opinion editor, Simmy Khetpal.