Hilarious hip-hop: Funny rap videos to enjoy during quarantine


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As many of us know, YouTube is a dangerous place, one that is very easy to get sucked into. Before you know it, an hour and a half has passed, and all you’ve managed to do is watch ridiculous videos that may end up becoming pop culture jokes (i.e. memes) the internet community shares on social media. 

If you haven’t gone on a YouTube bender of hilarious and time-wasting videos while this stay-at-home order is in place, honestly, kudos to you for having some self-control. Perhaps you still go on YouTube, but instead catch up on news, watch educational videos or use it for other, more practical things. It is possible, however, to strike a balance between engaging in hilarious, meme-worthy videos and watching more productive content.

We at the Clog thought it might be entertaining to provide some comical content in case you feel like flirting with the dangerous spiral. If you are looking to have a laugh, take a study break, procrastinate or cheer yourself up, you can find some hilarious rap and R&B content below.

“4 Da Trap” by 645AR 

Perhaps the funniest thing about this song is the fact that 645AR, the artist behind this masterpiece, was serious in the style he chose to deliver his rap. If you don’t believe it, watch his Genius interview, in which he debriefs the song. Personally, I have never seen anything like this in the rap game before. The comment section is an absolute must-read for this video — it is a gold mine of jokes. 

“$ave Dat Money” by Lil Dicky feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan

This video can be seen as truly inspirational. Lil Dicky, the rapper behind this, is incredibly resourceful in the video and its production. The video provides a pretty solid lesson on being savvy by using your connections, communication skills and charisma to get things for free. On top of a hilariously crafted lesson, the video is quite ridiculous and entertaining to watch. If anything, this video definitely pushes me to ask for more things — better to ask and not receive than not to ask at all, right? 

“On the Floor” by IceJJFish

For many of you, this video may be a throwback to middle and high school times. It is horribly cringey, yet laughable. There are still debates going on today, six years after the song’s birth, as to whether IceJJFish was serious or not. The comments are also a must-read for this video. 

“Freestyle Friday” featuring Blind Fury vs. K-9ine

If you are looking for a classic, comical rap battle, this is where you want to go. BET used to host rap battles on its no-longer-airing show “106 & Park,” which is where this clip is from. Blind Fury, who is actually blind, is the one to look out for in this battle. Furthermore, the host of the battle serves as the pinnacle of humor. Watch and see if this battle strikes a chord of laughter in you.

That’s it for now. Maybe you have already come across these videos during your lifetime or maybe you haven’t. Either way, get a laugh out of them if you wish. Just try not to fall into too deep of a spiral after watching them. I know y’all still have school projects that need your attention more than YouTube does. 

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