Reasons why you should get dressed: Quarantine edition

vanessa lim/Staff

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Our current situation is the perfect excuse to wear pajamas all day, every day. You’re encouraged to not go out unless it’s necessary, and classes are held over a video call, during which you can have your camera off the entire time. Still, wearing pajamas all day isn’t the best way to get through this time of social distancing as a student. Here are some reasons why you should dress in your regular school attire even though you’re at home all day.

Being productive will be easier

The best benefit of putting on your typical clothes is that it will help you be productive. The act of putting on clothes returns a bit of normalcy to your day. You’re putting on clothes like you did every morning before school, and that will help you get in the mindset that you’re about to do school things — simulating your before-school routine will help you be ready to conquer your piles of work each morning.

You can wear something you think is swanky

Do you have an outfit that you like but are afraid to wear in public? Well, this quarantine is the perfect opportunity to put it on. You’re not going to get dirt on it if you stay indoors. Wear those beautiful items you love, because then you’ll get to appreciate how good you look without being afraid of damaging anything. If you worry instead that people will judge you, the fact that you don’t have to turn on your camera for online classes should mitigate that fear.

You can make the weekdays stand out from the weekend

Getting dressed like you usually would can also limit how much the days are blurring together. If you commit to your typical clothes routine during the weekdays and allow yourself to lounge in pajamas all weekend, you have an easy way to tell the two apart. It’s also a great option to have your weekends feel more relaxed and casual than the days you need to grind, which is a plus after a long week.

Pajamas will become so special

There is something so lovely about putting on a comfortable pair of pajamas and just knowing that you’re done with the day. You can’t do that, though, unless you get dressed at the beginning of the day. School can blur into every second of our lives, especially with all of the classes being online or pre-recorded. It’s great to set aside some time during which you don’t have to do anything and can just relax. Putting on pajamas at the end of the day can help with that.

Hopefully, you’re now convinced to put on some real pants and a shirt or top. With everything being so odd right now, you owe it to yourself to return a bit of normalcy to it all.

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