Vote ‘yes’ on Class Pass Student Fee Renewal

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UC Berkeley students take more than 2.5 million rides on AC Transit bus lines annually. With the rise of transportation costs each year, the Class Pass referendum will ensure that all students are able to use AC Transit buses and the campus night shuttles for a $95 semesterly fee.

For those who rely on public transportation, the Class Pass program makes economic sense. Since a monthly local pass is about $84 and single local rides cost $2.25, students will be saving money in the long run if the referendum is passed. 

Community members who live or work in neighboring cities should not have an expensive or arduous traveling experience to and from campus, which is why you should vote “yes” on the Class Pass program. Without the referendum’s passage, commuter students will have to pay full travel prices to attend the college that they already attend, an amount that exceeds the semesterly fee. On top of that, revenue from the Class Pass referendum goes toward the campus’ shuttle bus system, which would be severely reduced without its passage.

Considering that this is the Class Pass program’s fourth renewal, it is clear that students utilize it regularly and rely on the bus schedule. The available mode of transportation is an important factor for students building their semesterly calendars. A bus to ride home could be the make or break for a student deciding to study at Moffitt Library late at night or visit Elmwood for dinner; maintaining the Class Pass program will let all students have the option of public transportation.

While The Daily Californian’s Editorial Board acknowledged that the referendum is a financial inconvenience for students who rarely utilize public transportation, the constant existence of public transportation as an option and the community benefit outweigh these concerns. Additionally, the referendum’s authors should have gathered student input before creating a campus shuttle route that essentially follows the same route as an existing AC Transit bus. Our community should, however, still support the referendum so that we can all get around.

Vote ‘yes’ on Class Pass Student Fee Renewal.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the spring 2020 opinion editor, Simmy Khetpal.