Pilipinx-endorsed candidate Lauren-Cecile Lizardo Galang drops out of ASUC Senate race

Stephanie Luna-Lopez/Courtesy

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ASUC Senate hopeful Lauren-Cecile Lizardo Galang dropped out of the race Saturday, two days before voting opened.

Lizardo Galang, who ran with Student Action, focused her campaign platforms on representation for the Pilipinx community, which endorsed her. She said in a statement that she was unprepared for how “mentally draining” campaigning would prove to be, in addition to circumstances caused by the COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, pandemic.

“I realized I wouldn’t be able to represent and fulfill the needs of the community,” Lizardo Galang said in a statement. “Despite having a solid team, and support from a handful of people, I still felt alone.”

Lizardo Galang also described several mental health issues, which she said made it hard to campaign while lacking needed support.

Lizardo Galang endorsed former running mate Sheena Dichoso Echano, who is running to represent the Berkeley dance community with Student Action, in her statement.

“My mind and heart are not made of steel, and I truly believe that there is someone better fit for the position of senator* and after these past few weeks, I realized that that’s not me,” Lizardo Galang said in the statement. “We are in great hands, and it is folx like Sheena that will be a great addition to the ASUC, and is why I feel confident moving forward with my decision, and beginning the healing process.”

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