Teleport yourself into a world without COVID-19, pick up a book

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A global epidemic, earthquakes and floods — six words that summarize the decade we’ve had thus far. In the midst of all these disasters, life can seem very “doom and gloom.” Reading a single news article is a simple reminder of the fact that the year could not have possibly gotten off to a worse start. The news constantly informs us that we’ve basically hopped into a dystopian, alternate universe of disasters, and being locked at home is like staying stuck in a deep, dark well with only yourself for company.

Since the confines of my parents’ apartment have essentially turned into my entire world, I’ve turned to what I would do back in high school when I was bored out of my mind, stuck with homework to do and tests to prepare for; I’ve started reading again. To start, I’ve been finishing off the series that I’d begun in high school but never managed to wrap up.

While everything in this universe seems terrible, jumping into a fantasy world of heroes saving the whole world from demons has an odd way of making this whole situation seem better. Sure, we have to deal with COVID-19 right now, but at least we don’t need to battle fantastical creatures that could literally swallow us whole!

Much like watching a movie, reading a book immerses you into a world where you don’t make any of the decisions and nothing affects you. As a spectator, watching the protagonist solve problems you’d never have to think about is like a breath of fresh air. Inhale, flip a page and exhale.

In the midst of havoc and panic, focusing on seemingly arbitrary things such as school can be really hard. Between the stress and anxiety, the need to take a break is perfectly understandable and necessary. Immersing myself into an alternate reality is a breather, and I can’t recommend it enough.

It doesn’t matter if you usually don’t read fiction; there’s something for everyone. From detective stories to romantic comedies, there’s a book out there for you. To start off, browse through Goodreads, or just do a quick Google search — the number of options will seem overwhelming at first, but don’t think about it too much. Just pick up something that sounds good. You won’t even have to leave your home. Simply order the book to be delivered straight to your home, or get an e-book!

Happy reading, Golden Bears! Stay safe, and as much as possible, stay home.

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